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Anyway this is a post about our favorite redhead, Anne with an E.

Anne of Green Gables--
This is the first book of the series. We are first introduced to the characters of the series. I really love Anne. Her optimism on life is so refreshing and I can relate to her a lot. In this book, we are treated to the famous smashing of the slate on Gilbert's head. :) Matthew and Marilla are so funny. I cried buckets when Matthew died. I love this book and if you haven't read it....... Go! Do so now!

Anne of Avonlea--
Anne is sixteen and teaching school in Avonlea. She and Gilbert have a good friendship. Diana and Anne are still bosom friends. Mr. Harrison moves into the house next to Green Gables. Mr. Harrison is so funny. I love his character.  At the end of the book, Anne decides to go to Redmond college with Gilbert, Charlie, and Priscilla.

Anne of the Island- This book, oh this book. Where do I start? Anne goes to college. She meets quite a few new people, including my personal favorite Philippa Gordon. Now this book is where Gilbert finally tells Anne that he loves her. And she refuses........ Anne why??????  Thankfully she comes to her senses and by the end of the book, they are in love and happy! (of course a few minor obstacles are in their way early on) (Christine)

Anne of Windy Poplars-
I love the way this book is written. Mostly it is written in the style of Anne's letters to Gilbert. The rest is written from a third person perspective. Anne is principle of Summerside High School. She lives at a house called Windy Poplars with two old women and their maid. Anne has a lot of funny adventures in this book, being Anne of course she does :)

Anne's House of Dreams-
DING DONG DING DONG!!! HEAR THE WEDDING BELLS RING, ANNE AND GILBERT FINALLY GET MARRIED!!!!!!!!!!  Sorry for the all caps, not sorry! I love this book. I want to live in Four Winds so bad! L.M. Montgomery's descriptions make me just want to pack up my things and move to Prince Edward Island.

Anne of Ingleside-
Anne and Gilbert have kids now. Gilbert is honestly one of the cutest fathers ever. The way he treats his kids is just so cute! Anne is an amazing mother. I think because of the fact she was an orphan helps because she wants her children to feel loved like she never did until Anne came to Matthew and Marilla. This book is told from all of the kids perspective.

Rainbow Valley-To tell you guys the truth I didn't really like this book. I just felt it was a filler book and I just.... was not feeling it. It's a great book nonetheless, so you should read it to be introduced to the new characters.

Rilla of Ingleside-
Ok, I have a confession to make. I have not read this book yet. I really want to read it. From what I've heard it is the best book ever. I just haven't read it yet but I will real soon.

There you have it! My two cents on the Anne Series. This was supposed to go up last week but my family's been dealing with colds and I got pink eye last week so I apologize for my absence.
But the good news is Kat posted while I was gone!


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  1. Bravo!! Wonderful post! I'm on Anne of Ingleside and I couldn't have said it better myself about Gilbert being the best and cutest fathers ever! <3 Anne, Gil, and their wonderful world are my favorite!