Modest Clothes: Skirts


"You skirts should cover your knees. If you are trying to be modest, you should not wear a mini skirt." -Me

Where you can find them:
Luckily, skirts are back in fashion now. (kind of) so you can find a few skirts at the stores. Sadly, they are mainly maxi skirts, pencil skirts, or above the knee. Often way above the knee.
Pencil skirts are really really tight, making it hard to walk. Plus what is the point of trying to be modest wearing a tube? Above the knee is a problem because when you sit down, people can see up you leg. Your skirt should cover at least half of your knee when you sit. And maxi skirts only look good on certain people. (I can't really complain because I'm one of those people....)

Amazon has a lot of skirts, you just have to scroll through 3 million junky ones to find them...
I would also suggest Lands End.
You can  look at Goodwill, or other consignment shops. Sometimes they have tons, other times: Nothing.

Leggings, and Shorts: But sometimes you can save the knee length skirts. If you have a dress or skirt that just barely doesn't cover your knee, I would suggest  wearing some leggings that cover the knee. Knee length legging, capri length, etc. Awesome use of yoga pants. They are very comfy.

If you are an active girl, wear shorts. Seriously. Though I would suggest this for any skirt wearing girl, a pair of shorts or leggings under your skirt are extremely helpful when tree climbing, dealing with gusty winds, or other such moments.

If you go running, I suggest normal running leggings/pants under your skirt. Basically, all the reasons running pants are helpful (pockets, wicking, muscle cool down, etc) are still helpful, but yet modest when worn under your skirt! For the skirt, I would suggest something just below the knee to mid shin. If you wear a skirt that is too long it will get tangled in your legs when you run or you could step on the hem. I would also suggest wearing a skirt with a bit of flare. That gives you more room to move your legs, plus a cute fluffle when you run. Ditto with going to the gym. If you make your own skirts, make them with sport material. I also suggest not using heavy materials with a zipper or buttoned waist. I don't know if anyone else has experienced this, but the waist shifts itself upward when you run. Not immodest, just really, REALLY annoying. Elastic waists are best.

If you are working outside,  I would suggest a skirt of about the same length: Knee- Mid Shin. Denim is best, but I also have seen some cute canvas skirts and cargo style skirts. (Might I scream: POCKETS!)

Sometimes it can be really hard wearing a skirt. The  awkward looks you get. Wearing T-shirts and sneaker with your skirt...The hardest part for me is working out wearing a skirt. There are a lot more people wearing skirts every where now. (Every time you see a teenage girl wearing a skirt with a hoodie/T shirt  *I HAVE FOUND MY PEOPLE*) but the gym is not one of those places.


I guess we'll just have to be the trail blazers, eh?

If you have any questions about what skirt to wear when, comment!



  1. I didn't know that there was canvas skirts! I'll have to do some research...

  2. YES! It can be so hard to find decent, modest skirts! I have been so blessed that a lot of like minded people I know have given my sister and I various skirts over the years, but there are times it can still be tricky to find them otherwise! I absolutely love thrift shopping, though, it's so rewarding to come away with even ONE modest clothing item. A definite victory in my book!

    Have either of you girls (Kat, Lia, or anyone else who wishes to comment) ever read either of these books on modesty? "Dressing With Dignity" by Colleen Hammond or "Immodesty: Satan's Virtue" by Rita Davidson? I've read the first one and I would love to hear your opinions!


    p.s. Hooray for skirts with real pockets! Such a relatable struggle ;)

    1. Thrift stores are great!! Once a group of friends and I went into a thrift store and found two whole aisles dedicated to skirts. We basically raided it.

      I've read Dressing with Dignity but I haven't read the other one. Shall have to find it.

      Thank you for your comment Emma!!!