Dear Hate/////For All The Victims Of The Las Vegas Shooting

Dear hate
I saw you on the news today
Like a shock that takes my breath away
You fall like rain, cover us in drops of pain
I'm afraid that we just might drown

Dear hate
Well, you sure are colorblind
Your kiss is the cruelest kind
You could poison any mind
Just look at mine
Don't know how this world keeps spinning 'round and 'round

You were there in the garden, like a snake in the grass
I see you in the morning staring through the looking glass
You whisper down in history and echo through these halls
But I hate to tell you, love's gonna conquer all

Dear hate
You were smiling from that Selma bridge
In Dallas, when that bullet hit and Jackie cried
You pulled those towers from the sky
But even on our darkest nights
The world keeps spinning 'round

You were there in the garden, like a snake in the grass
I see you in the morning staring through the looking glass
You whisper down through history and echo through these halls
But I hate to tell you, love's gonna conquer all

Dear love
Just when I think you've given up
You were there in the garden when I ran from your voice
I hear you every morning through the chaos and the noise
You still whisper down through history and echo through these halls
And tell me love's gonna conquer all

Gonna conquer all

This is not my song. This song is by Maren Morris. She released it after the shooting. Please pray for all the victims and their families. 


Whaaaa? It Is October?

Hi guys!

September was a fun month! Kat and I both started senior year the last week of August. Wheee!
We did not do well with posting this month. Sorry! But October should be better :)

Of All Time: 6,718
Last Month: 497

Our Five Biggest International Viewers
United States

Five Biggest International Viewers of all Time
Russia (In Russia! Land of Yesterday! #Anastasia)
United States
Germany (haha take that Kat!)

Posts This Month


Just cause I can, I'm going to end with a bad joke

Why can't you give Elsa a balloon?


Because she'll let it go!



Da Da Dah!


FASHION BOOTS! LATTES! work. School. Flu season. I am cold.

Our theme this month is a mixture between The Rosary and Fatima. 

Because the 13th is the 100th anniversary of the day the sun danced! 

Major Feast Days: 

Oct 4: Saint Francis of Assisi
Oct 5: Saint Faustina 
Oct 7: Our Lady of the Rosary
 Oct 15: Saint Theresa of Avila
Oct 18: Saint Luke
Oct 24: Saint Raphael
Oct 29: Feast of Christ the King   

Oh, and do you know why you shouldn't write with a broken pencil? 

Because it is pointless. 

(Much like my jokes) 



(Ps. I a, just a liddy bit competitive, in case you haven't guessed)

The Green Fields of France

 Well how do you do, young Willie McBride?
Do you mind if I sit here down by your graveside?
And rest for a while 'neath the warm summer sun
I've been walking all day and I'm nearly done

I see by your gravestone you were only 19
When you joined the great fallin' in 1916
I hope you died quick and I hope you died clean
 Willie McBride, was it slow and obscene?

Did they beat the drum slowly?
Did they play the fife lowly?
Did they sound the death march as they lowered you down?
Did the band play the post and chorus?
Did the pipes play the flowers of the forest?

Did you leave a wife or a sweetheart behind?
In some faithful heart is your memory in shrine?
And though you died back in 1916
In that faithful heart you're forever 19

Or are you a stranger without even a name?
Enclosed  forever behind a glass pane
In an old photograph, torn and battered and stained
And faded to yellow in a brown yellow frame

Now Willie McBride, I can't help wondering why
Do those who lie here know why they died?
Did they really believe when they answered the cause?
Did they really believe that this war would end wars?

But the sorrow, the sufferin', the glory, the pain
The killing and dying were all done in vain
But, Willie McBride, it all happened again, and again
and again, and again, and again

Did the pipes play the flowers of the forest?

So, obviously, this isn't my song. I found this cover done by my favorite band, Celtic Thunder. I had no idea they did this song and I have listened to nothing else!!!!


Time Flies When You're Panicking and Don't Want To Grow Up

(*Awww* So cute)


Because it has. 

And I am freakin' out. 

*Screaming* Me too!!

I mean, look: 
My first post (not counting that one creepy welcome post) was THIS.  
That's right! It's the "Try not to cringe challenge!"
(I failed)

My welcome one wasn't much better. *cringing so hard right now*
My first official post was just as bad *still cringing*

(Hey, Lia failed too! We all failed. Wow. [Comment if you failed too!])

I'd like to think we got better. :)

(Because she's a lovely positive person)

Wow, I still haven't wrapped my head around the fact that its been a year since we started.

Kat was talking to me one day and said, "HEY WE SHOULD START A BLOG!"  I didn't think much of it til she called me and told me she created it and now here we are.

I literally did. We mentioned it once, I got bored (this is how most of our crazy stories began) and then a created a gmail account and a blogger account, set everything up. And then I called her the next day like "Lia! I started a blog. Here's the account name and password." and she was like "Whaa?" 

(We do have a lot of crazy stories, we could probably write a book.)

Then she told me to write a welcome blog post, which I did. *directs you to cringyness up above*
It was so short but I didn't really know what else to say. 

(Yes. So you can blame me for the Welcome Posts. BLOGGING TIP: Don't make a welcome post. JUST START POSTING and then make a "About Me" page or something.) 

I remember how excited I was when we got our first follower. I'm excited for every new follower :)
Thank you for following us. 

I remember hitting 100 views, then 1,000. (we were going to post about that but....that didn't happen)
Then we hit 5,000 views!!!! Oh my word! 

So we started this blog and we were super excited and motivated! We're going to do all these posts! A bunch of Catholic Stuff. A bunch of girl stuff....

And then we never post anything.

Well, that's not true. I never post anything. Ever. 

And it annoys me since I'm very "A post must go up this day, at this time." 

And I don't post anything. 

(*is trying to fix this*)


This blog is kind of fun, since we're kind of blogging opposites? 

I like scheduled posts that come up at a certain time and on a certain day and Lia posts when ever she gets inspiration. 

I don't like anyone knowing anything about me or my personal life and Lia is a little more open with y'all. 

(And if that Y'all confused you....No. I am not from TX.) 

Every time she says something like "We should do a Q&A post! Or an "This Is What We Do In RL Post!" I kind of tense up like 
"The people cannot know."
*small scream*

Yeah, that's what she does :) Kat's an introvert while I am an extrovert. But I wouldn't change her for the world. (Which is a good thing, since I don't change. Classic. Timeless. Really really stubborn) There is no other person I would rather blog with. 

Do I have to say something nice and cutest about Lia now too? 
*blows raspberry*  
She knows she's awesome and means a lot to me and if somebody made her cry I would gladly kill them.

(Of course I would gladly kill a lot of people, so don't mind me)

Thank you all for coming on this journey with us, and I hope we continue to blog for many more years. 

We are also sorry that we drug you along with us all this time. If you carry something sharp in your pocket (or have good teeth) you might be able to sever the ties, but if not we'll be yanking you along for some time yet!

and Kat-

Quotes From Musicals That Give Me All The Feels/////I'M NOT CRYING YOU'RE CRYING

Hi guys!!

This post was inspired by Olivia from Meanwhile, in Rivendell. Her post is HERE 

"I don't know if I've been changed for the better, but because I knew you, I have been changed for good." 

-Wicked. (I'm sorry, Catherine!!!)

"We start with stars in our eyes. We start believing that we belong but every sun doesn't rise and no one tell you where you went wrong."

-Dear Evan Hansen

"No one deserves to be forgotten. No one deserves to fade away."

-Dear Evan Hansen

"Pitiful creature of darkness, what kind of life have you known? God give me courage to show you, you are not alone"

-Phantom of the Opera

"Trapped where there ain't no future, even at seventeen."


"Behold the brave battalion who stand side by side. Too few in number, and too proud to hide."

-Les Miserables 

"I didn't know she mattered to me, but now I can see, she does."


"And when my time is up, have I done enough. Will they tell your story?"


"Don't be afraid to go on. Don't give up hope come what may."


"What's the good of being good if everyone is blind and you're always left behind?"

-Into the Woods


August In Review and Here Comes September // NO! I'M NOT READY!

August is over and....

*distant screams*

(Please bare in mind that my section of the post was written after 11pm. My apologies in advance.)

Boring Stats time.

We had 6,300 Page views (At the time this post was written)  772 of those were from this past month.

Our Five Biggest International Viewers


(Hmmm. Cool)

Five Biggest International Viewers of all time

Russia. You know. Because it largest country? (Sorry. Geography fan here) 
And in a strange twist of luck, Russia actually IS our #1 international follower.
Followed by 
Ireland (Ha. Take that you brit.)
(P.S I am talking to Lia, who is of English decent. I am, of course, of the Irish blood. And German) 
(My people!)

Posts This Month: 

Monthly Devotions For August and A Look Into The Past (As in July) (Dual)

Awkward And Awesome: Besties (Dual)

Sister And Friend, One And The Same (Lia)

Rebellious Writing Tour/Website//////Sorry I'm So Late (Lia)


Quotes #3 (Lia)

And as my time here scaring all of you comes to an end, I feel that I must honor tradition and give you a really, really bad joke.

Are you ready for this?

*clears throat*

Why do girls travel in groups of three?

Because they can't even. 

I'm not sorry!



September's theme is.... *drumroll please*

(Plays drop roll on table with pencils because I am such a good friend. -K)

Our Lady of Sorrows!

Feast Days in September

September 3: St. Gregory the Great
September 8: Birth of the Blessed Virgin
September 13: St. John Chrysostom 
September 15: Our Lady of Sorrows
September 21: St. Matthew
September 26: St. Cosmas and Damian 
September 27: St. Vincent de Paul
September 29: The Feast of the Angels 

Have a great September!!


Quotes #3

So I haven't done one of these in a while.

Here you go!



For Both:


What Is The First Movie You Remember Watching? 
Please. I don't even remember where I put my tea. -K
The Little Mermaid -L

What Is You Favorite Movie Genre? 
Marvel! -Lia

What Is Your Favorite Book Genre?
(Dark) Fantasy -K
Fantasy -L

Why Do You Watch Movies?
Why not?(Do not answer that) -K
Movies are cool. I like them -L

Why Do You Read Books?

Because if not, I would go insane. (Insaner?) -K
Same -L

What Is Your Favorite Movie? 
That, my friend, is classified.(In other words, I have no idea) -K
GAH Ummmmmm  I don't know -Lia
What Is Your Favorite Book?
What? You can't ask a book lover that? TREASON!
But, one I would suggest to literally ANYONE is "I'd Tell You That I Love You, But Then I'd Have To Kill You" by Ally Carter. Go read it. So good. -K

What Is Your Least Favorite Movie?
Well, not counting ones that I hate for moral reasons...Actually, I don't hate many movies. Mostly they just annoy me. That is one problem with loving spy stuff. You get super picky during movies. It's like the "That isn't how it was in the book" thing, except it's a "they can't actually do that IRL, because of Law blah blah blah, article blah blah..."
I think I'm going with the Percy Jackson movies. *cringe* -K
(i'm starting to realize I have waaaay too many caps in this post)

What Is Your Least Favorite Book?

There are also a lot of books I hate/dislike...but I kind of hate them all the same? Or maybe it's the INTJ thing in me. My brain sees things that it hates (people, places, books) and just kind of goes "Well, we not even going to bother thinking about that." and just kind of wipes it out of out life and we move on.  A book I would say DO NOT READ is Also Known As by Robin Benway. I thought I was going to get something like the Gallagher Girls. Nope. Cardboard characters, bad plot and inaccurate spy stuff. So much gag -K
The Hunger Games -L

When And Where Do You Like To Read? 
Anytime, anywhere. -K (Depends on the mood)

What Is Your Favorite Bible Verse?
 Job 39:19-25 (Bet you can't guess what my favorite animals is)

There actually are a couple, but this is the first one to come to mind. (The others are war ones.)
(Though this one kind of is too.) -K
Same -L

What Have You Learned From Blogging? 
Learn? LEARN?- K
Bloggers are some of the nicest people ever and we should all get together and have a big party -L

How Did This Blog Come About? 
I was like, LIA WE SHOULD START A BLOG TOGETHER! And then, months and months later and started the account and called Lia and told her how to log in, etc. The rest is history -K
This is literally what happened. Word for word. XD -L

How Do You Choose What To Write About? 
Well, we have our monthly post, and I try to post some prayer or something on the monthly topic. We also try to do one Dual Post a month that isn't our Month Post. If not, I post whatever comes to mind. (Which normally isn't much, which is why Lia posts the most)-K
I write about what I'm inspired to write or something that I am currently obsessing over. -L

For Lia:

What Is Your Favorite Season? 
Fall!!!!! I am like obsessed with the colors and the chilly weather and big sweaters and just everything about it.
Would You Rather Swim or Ice Skate? 
I have never actually ice skated before. So swimming :)
What Is Your Favorite Food?

 Ummmmmm Crab legs. 
What Is Your Favorite Animal?

Wolves. I want one :D
What Are Some of Your Favorite Song Lyrics That You Have Come Up With?
This is actually from a song I haven't posted yet. So y'all get an exclusive preview

"I wanna be the girl sittin next to you in the shotgun seat"

Do you play an instrument?
I actually don't. But I am learning how to play the piano this year. So yay!!

What is your favorite hobby?
Reading, singing, writing. They're all together in my daily routine.

What is your least favorite food?
Meatloaf. Bleck!

For Kat

What Is Your Favorite Color? 
Dark Green, Rich Blues and Black

What Is Your Favorite Smell? 
Molasses and corn (feed) and alfalfa. Coffee. Earl Grey Tea. Sun warmed apples. Wind blown grass.

Would You Rather Eat Carrots or Broccoli?
What are we talking here? Raw? Cooked? In Chinese food????
(Probably carrots)

Do you like to garden?

 Do I garden? Yes
 Do I like it? eh....

What Is One Of The Best Books You've Read This Month?  
  Dragon Slippers by Jessica Day George -K

 and Lia-

Rebellious Writing Blog Tour/Website////// I Am Late So Sorry.

Hi everyone!

 The Rebellious Writing website is up!!!   Go check it out!

                                                               Gray Marie Cox

                                                                Audrey Caylin

                                                                    Clare A.

                                                              Melissa Gravitis

                                                                  Lila Red

                                                             Catherine Hawthorne 

                                                               Abigail Lennah 

                                                             Faith Thompson

                                                                 Anna C.S.

Go check all of their blogs out!!

What is Rebellious Writing you may ask?  Let me 'splain. (no, too long, let me sum up.)

We believe
In light
In truth
In goodness
We believe in tomorrow's generation
In creating a better world
Through words
Through books
We believe in fighting for what we believe
We believe in high expectations
That we are capable of anything we set our minds to
We the youth
Believe in Rebellion 
Rebellion for Righteousness
For light
For verity in a world of lies
For beauty in a world of darkness

Watch this video to find out more!


Go join the Rebellion!!!!!!


Friend and Sister, One and the Same

Hello guys!

                                                        R.I.P. Chocolate Mousse

From a recent comment on a post, you guys finally found us out. That's right, I know Catherine from the Rebelling Muse in person. I've seen her face and everything! You guys might remember a post I made in May about my sister graduating college and leaving. That was her. We have been keeping this a secret ever since she started her blog. We finally decided to tell you all. Here are some questions that Catherine came up with that hopefully answer some of your questions!

1. How long have we known each other/how and when did we meet?
Catherine and I have known each other for almost 5 years. She and I were introduced in the car when we picked her up for the first time. It was really awkward for the first couple weeks. When we arrived at church, my mom asked me to show her around. Literally all I was thinking was "this is literally the most awkward conversation I have ever had with anyone" Thankfully we warmed up to each other within a few weeks and now we can't seem to stop talking. Lol.

2. Over the course of our friendship, what are some of the things that Catherine introduced/dragged me into?

Catherine has been fangirling to me about all the Welsh music she has found over the last couple weeks. So now I have a new found appreciation for Welsh music. She also made me watch Rogue One. I am still very upset over that movie's conclusion and I told her so and all she did was laugh her head off at me. Catherine also introduced Spotify to me. I am now obsessed with Spotify. It's great!
Oh Pinterest, how could I forget about Pinterest. She sucked me into that deep dark hole. XD

3. What was the most embarrassing moment that we shared?

My little brother decided to play matchmaker and he wanted my older brother and Catherine to start dating. It was hilarious!!!! Catherine will probably tell you that it was embarrassing for her but from my perspective, it was incredibly funny!

                                                (This is a picture from a trip we took together)

4. Out of all the movies and TV shows that we have watched together, which one was the most memorable?

Definitely When Calls the Heart. We wanted to watch a period drama for Valentine's Day. I realized I never watched it with her. Cue lots of weekends of Catherine coming over and us binge-watching it to death. So. Much. Fangirling.

5. What is the funniest moment that we shared?

We have a mutual friend who has an interesting younger brother. He is really, really, really, really annoying. (yes, all the really's were necessary) He did something to me that was really embarrassing and when I told Catherine about it, she suggested that we handcuff ourselves together to avoid hurting him. We laughed so hard about it, we almost woke up the whole house. 

6. What is one fact about me that I haven't told Catherine yet?

I have no idea what I would do without her.  :)

                                                      (another picture from the same trip)

7. We are constantly scheming, which castle-in-the-air we created was my favorite?

My favorite is that someday we would move in together and have a cute little apartment. I think this one has a good chance of coming true ;)

8. Which Jane Austen Character are we most like?



Ok so some backstory on this question. Catherine and I were talking on the phone while we were typing these out. We decided to take a quiz, Which Anne of Green Gables Character Are You Most Like? WE BOTH GOT ANNE!!!! So we took a which female fictional character are you most like?
We got the same thing again!!!!! We took like 6 quizzes and we got the same thing every time!
So we decided to take the one above. and we finally got someone different. I took it for me and then for her. 

9. What is one thing one of us loves and the other one hates?

I really love Les Miserables and Catherine can't stand it. 

10. Random Facts About Catherine

Catherine is very practical which is good cause she knocks some sense into my crazy ideas. :D

She loves people very deeply

She is one of the funniest people I know

Her laugh is very contagious

She get hiccups if she laughs too hard, it is so funny!

11. What is the sweetest memory of our friendship that I remember?

She is an amazing listener. Every time I complain about my brothers and a certain person I can't get out of my head. She never hangs up on me. :) which this really doesn't answer the sweetest memory question but now I will. Confiding in each other about future plans is one of my favorites.

                                       All pictures in this post belong to Catherine, please do not repost

Hope you enjoy this look into our friendship!


Awkward and Awesome: Besties



  • When she sends prank emails from your account
  • When you live far away from each other
  • Can't have a conversation without anyone eavesdropping
  • When someone makes your friend sad, so you have to kill them and end up getting blood on your new shoes.*

    * Please note: This is hypothetical.
  • Liking the same things DOES have disadvantages.
    Friend: Where did all the chocolate cake go?
    Me: *shrugs* No idea
    Second Friend: It's got crumbs on its jacket-sess!
  • When one is the people person and the other one wants to hide in a corner at social gatherings and hiss at anyone who comes near them. But they want to spend time together, so....
  •  Buying one of your best friends her graduation present..... three days before her graduation.#Procastination #WorstFriendOfTheYear


  • When you can fan girl to each other
  • Spending time with each other
  • Reading each other's journals (with permission, of course)
  • Sleepovers!
  • Looking at each other and being able to understand what we are thinking
  • Which can lead to random burst of laughter (sometimes in church)
  • Mostly in front of people who then think we are crazy (But everyone thinks we're crazy, so no biggie.)
  • Singing along with musicals and screaming as soon as the villain in a period drama comes on screen.
    *Pillow hits screen*
    *TV falls off wall*
    Me: (smugly) Got 'em
  • Rapid fire texts and google chats
  • Might I just say "Period Drama movie marathons?" The ones where you all pile together like a stack of kittens and get all toasty and warm and your legs go to sleep, but you refuse to move?

  and Lia-

Monthly Devotions for August and A Look Into The Past (As in July)

Like last time, Lia and I will be doing a dual post reviewing last month and giving next month a intro.


Hello! Lia here. 

July was actually not a bad month for us. We reached 5,000 views this month! *throws confetti everywhere*

We have 9 followers!
(You guys are the best!)

Page views last month:1,007
Page views all time history:5,255 (WOW)

July Posts
Curveballs (Lia)
Top 5 Biggest International Viewers This Month
United Arab Emirates

I honestly have no idea what the United Arab Emirates are looking at our blog for. *scratches chin*

I am leaving you know and letting Kat take over now! Bye!



The monthly devotion for August, since this is the month when every one is going off to school or back to school, is vocations and finding our calling in life. 

Just like last month, we are going to try and post more. 

The Feast Days This Month

Aug 4: St. John Vianney 
Aug 8: St Dominic
Aug. 10: St. Lawrence
Aug. 11: St. Philomena
Aug 14: St Maximilian Kolbe
Aug 15:  The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Aug 23: Rose of Lima

Wow, the intro part of the post IS really boring....

(Restraining my overly competitiveness....) 


At the very least I have to tell you my (pathetic) clown joke. 

Ok. Get ready for it.....

If you ever get attacked by a gang of clowns....

Go for the juggler. 

(Oh boy -Lia)

Ok, I tried. 


100 Blog Posts Celebration!!!!!!!!!!

Hi guys!!!

We have reached 100 posts on Catholic Girl Stuff!!!!!!!!

To celebrate, we will be doing a Q and A!!!!

So send in your questions! 

You can send in question for me(Lia) and Kat to answer separately and you can send in questions you want us both to answer! 

We look forward to giving some A's to your Q's. :D 


When Your Family is Driving You Crazy....

Hello all!

Extra post today!

So my post Curveballs . Before I continue, THANK ALL OF YOU FOR YOUR NICE COMMENTS!!! They mean the world to me.

Anyway, we were sitting around the table on Saturday, eating lunch, when my dad looks at me and says

"you know, I finally figured out what you look like with chicken pox. You look like Madam Mim."

My whole family sat there for a second and then burst into laughter. My older brother was crying, he was laughing so hard.

In case you don't know who Madam Mim is. here's a picture

Disney's Sword in the Stone is where she's from. Sigh. My family has not let this go ever since. 

My sister keep trying to get a picture of me so she can do a side by side comparison. 

                                                  ( Me when my sister tries to take my picture)

My family may drive me up a wall, but I love them for it. 



Hi guys,

You know that saying, "When life throws you a curveball, grab a bat and swing it."
Well, life threw me a curveball back in January when I caught pink eye from who knows where. Little did I know, it threw another curveball and it took til now for it to smack me upside the head.  Clearly this time, I swung and I missed. 

You all may be a little confused right now.  All these baseball metaphors and what not.  And you are waiting for me to get to the point.  Which I will do now. 
What I thought was an allergic reaction to some medicine the dentist gave me for a tooth is actually chicken pox. 

Yep. That's right.  I have chicken pox.  I never got it when I was little (well, little-er)
But I got it now.  And let me tell you,  I am miserable. Very itchy and I am covered in pimples. 
I am glad I got it now, because of the risks of getting when you are older but I cannot wait until I am finished and done with this. 

This has been kind of a rant of the horribleishness of chicken pox. Has anybody else here had chicken pox. Comment if you have or haven't. 


10 Movies To Watch This Summer

---A dual post by Lia and Kat---

1. Kat's Musical Suggestion: Singing In The Rain (1952)

2. Kat's Romance Suggestion: North and South BBC Mini Series (2004)

3. Kat's Animated Film Suggestion: Disney's Atlantis (2001)

4. Kat's Family Movie Suggestion: The Blind Side (2009)
***Warning. There is some language and drug use, so your parents should probably watch it first and make sure they're ok with it.***

5. Kat's "Perfect Summer Film" Suggestion: The entire Lord of The Rings Trilogy.

                  What? You're just sitting inside anyways.

6.  Lia's Musical Suggestion: Seven Brides for Seven Brothers (1954)

7.  Lia's Romance Suggestion: The Inheritance (1997)

8. Lia's Animated Film Suggestion: Quest for Camelot (1998)

9. Lia's Family Movie Suggestion: Your's, Mine, and Ours. (1968)

10. Lia's"Perfect Summer Film" Suggestion: Pride and Prejudice (2005)

So go forth and watch movies!

 and Lia-

5 Things I Hate

  1. "You're not a REAL fan....."

    Ummm. Yes. They are. And fandoms are for enjoyment. Are you really telling someone they aren't enjoying it the right way? Can you actually believe that you are allowed to say this? And knowledge doesn't make you a "better" fan. My brothers probably knows more about comics then I do, but they don't really care. Just because you have knowledge doesn't make you a fan. And just because your a fan, doesn't mean you have to know about every detail of everything.
  2. "The people who mock girls who like comics or say they only go to watch the movies because of the lead male actors"

    I'm not kidding. 45% of the people who went to watch Guardians of the Galaxy II were women. And what did they "experts" say?  
    They went for Chris Pratt.
    Seriously? Seriously. For the record I went for a talking raccoon and epic sword fighting. And baby groot. And spaceships.

    And the guys who come up to girls and start quizzing them on the comics to see if they're a "real fan."

    Stop. Just stop. Nobody quizzes you on the band shirt your wearing and start asking you if you know the lead singer's favorite color or favorite subject in the second grade.

    So chill
  3. Cat callers.

    Oh, I have a wonderful idea. You know how when your bike riding and a dog runs up and starts barking at you? You're (amongst other options) supposed to take your water bottle and spray them in the face with it. You know what I say?

    Next time someone catcalls you, spray them in the face with your water bottle and say "If your going to treat me like a dog, then I'm going to treat you like a dog." and then walk away.

    (Note to self: Carry water bottle with me everywhere)

    Secondary choice. Throw a doll or stick for them, say fetch and then tell them.
  4. When you have to eat GF because your allergic or intolerant and somebody thinks your just doing it because it's popular. Like wise the people who do this. Gluten Free food is DISGUSTING. Why, WHY would you do that to yourself?

    Also the people that think you don't NEED to eat GF because your ONLY intolerant to it. Ha Some people with Gluten Intolerance have worse reactions then some people who are allergic, They just react differently.
  5. Teenage Boys.

    I don't actually HATE them, I'm just very very annoyed with them. Probably because I have encountered boys who fell under the last 4 things on this list.

     I know that there are nice teenage boys somewhere. SOMEWHERE. But not here. I don't know many amazingly polite teenage boys. I think I know ONE guy who I would say was a polite helpful person. And he still annoys me.
And there you have it. My happy little rant.


I SAW BRETT YOUNG IN CONCERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi guys!!!!

(Note: this post was supposed to go up yesterday but due to helping my sister move Sunday and yesterday, I ran out of time yesterday to write and post this. Sorry!)

As you can probably guess from the title, I saw Brett Young in concert! *excited squeal*

There's a festival in my town that is near Fourth of July weekend. The town invites one or two country artists to come and perform.

This year one of them was Brett Young. If you have no idea who Brett Young is, here is his latest single.

I'm literally obsessed with this song and when he started to sing it, I almost cried.

He is so funny, by the way, all the stories he was telling before he would perform the songs were sooooo funny!!! I was cracking up.


Music of the Week #17

Oh boy, I have not done one of these in a while........sorry!

Anyway get ready for a doozie this week, I got a new musical that I have not stopped listening to since the album came out last week.


The movie was my childhood. I can quote it and I know the songs by heart and when I heard they were making a musical, I literally danced around my house!!!

As some of you may know, Ramin Karimloo is starring in this. He plays Gleb, a Russian official who is replacing Rasputin as the villain.  Ramin also plays the Phantom in the 25th anniversary edition. 
As soon as he started singing on this Anastasia album, I busted out laughing. All I could think of was, "why is the Phantom in Russia? Is this where he went after Christine left?" Aaaaaaaand now every time he sings, I laugh.( sorrynotsorry)

So I won't be doing just 5 songs this week, because I can't pick just 5. This album is amazing!!
(and yes, I totally looked up how much Broadway tickets are and I am poor and sad :(  )

A Crowd of a Thousands

Stay, I Pray You

In My Dreams

Once Upon A December

My Petersburg

Meant To Be

We'll Go From There

Quartet At The Ballet

Crossing A Bridge

Land of Yesterday

Everything To Win

Ok, so ummm, that was 11 songs. Somebody should probably send help. Nevermind it's too late for that. 

Hope you enjoy!!!
Comments if you listened to this an unhealthy amount of times too!!
Or if your interested in listening to it


P.S. Derek Klena as Dmitry. I just.......*swoons*