Monthly Devotions for August and A Look Into The Past (As in July)

Like last time, Lia and I will be doing a dual post reviewing last month and giving next month a intro.


Hello! Lia here. 

July was actually not a bad month for us. We reached 5,000 views this month! *throws confetti everywhere*

We have 9 followers!
(You guys are the best!)

Page views last month:1,007
Page views all time history:5,255 (WOW)

July Posts
Curveballs (Lia)
Top 5 Biggest International Viewers This Month
United Arab Emirates

I honestly have no idea what the United Arab Emirates are looking at our blog for. *scratches chin*

I am leaving you know and letting Kat take over now! Bye!



The monthly devotion for August, since this is the month when every one is going off to school or back to school, is vocations and finding our calling in life. 

Just like last month, we are going to try and post more. 

The Feast Days This Month

Aug 4: St. John Vianney 
Aug 8: St Dominic
Aug. 10: St. Lawrence
Aug. 11: St. Philomena
Aug 14: St Maximilian Kolbe
Aug 15:  The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Aug 23: Rose of Lima

Wow, the intro part of the post IS really boring....

(Restraining my overly competitiveness....) 


At the very least I have to tell you my (pathetic) clown joke. 

Ok. Get ready for it.....

If you ever get attacked by a gang of clowns....

Go for the juggler. 

(Oh boy -Lia)

Ok, I tried. 



    More jokes. I love terrible jokes because they annoy my family. *evil smile*

    United Arab Emirates has been on my blog, too. It's making me a little nervous. I was hoping to find a way to block countries somehow because ... well its weird. Glad I'm not alone, though. So far, there's only been four, but now its down to three.

    Great post.

    1. The UAE isn't a "radical islamic" country, if that is what you are worried about. I can actually see people (teenagers) from the UAE reading these blogs. And Christians aren't being killed for their faith in drones there.

    2. I'm not so sure about that (the radical part), but we can only pray you're right. I think I would be more worried if the view number was high. Right now, its not.

      Also, I don't know if I've said this already (because I can't keep track of where I go apparently) thank you for putting me on your sidebar. That means a lot to me. :D

    3. Trust me. I had to do a VERY long (boring) study of the entire world. The UAE and....Oman? Are very..."modern" in their way of life and thinking

    4. Lol, sounds like a geography lesson. I do not like geography. I was researching and it was talking about mosques and things like that, which I don't like, but like Gray said, its probably just span anyway. I think the Russian thing was spam, too, though they seem to be making a reappearance.

  2. LOL!!! XD

    I've recently gotten UAE page views too, it's probably just spam and nothing to worry about.

  3. I've been my vocation a lot these past few years - look forward to those posts!

    I've gotten some from Armenia, none from UAE for a while though.

    Good grief, Kat....that joke was terrible!


  4. Congrats on 5000 page views!!!

    This year I am going to celebrate Aug. 15th and I am going to talk about it to a lot of little kids, do you have anything to suggest?

    1. I would suggest reading a couple books about it. There are plenty out there