5 Things I Hate

  1. "You're not a REAL fan....."

    Ummm. Yes. They are. And fandoms are for enjoyment. Are you really telling someone they aren't enjoying it the right way? Can you actually believe that you are allowed to say this? And knowledge doesn't make you a "better" fan. My brothers probably knows more about comics then I do, but they don't really care. Just because you have knowledge doesn't make you a fan. And just because your a fan, doesn't mean you have to know about every detail of everything.
  2. "The people who mock girls who like comics or say they only go to watch the movies because of the lead male actors"

    I'm not kidding. 45% of the people who went to watch Guardians of the Galaxy II were women. And what did they "experts" say?  
    They went for Chris Pratt.
    Seriously? Seriously. For the record I went for a talking raccoon and epic sword fighting. And baby groot. And spaceships.

    And the guys who come up to girls and start quizzing them on the comics to see if they're a "real fan."

    Stop. Just stop. Nobody quizzes you on the band shirt your wearing and start asking you if you know the lead singer's favorite color or favorite subject in the second grade.

    So chill
  3. Cat callers.

    Oh, I have a wonderful idea. You know how when your bike riding and a dog runs up and starts barking at you? You're (amongst other options) supposed to take your water bottle and spray them in the face with it. You know what I say?

    Next time someone catcalls you, spray them in the face with your water bottle and say "If your going to treat me like a dog, then I'm going to treat you like a dog." and then walk away.

    (Note to self: Carry water bottle with me everywhere)

    Secondary choice. Throw a doll or stick for them, say fetch and then tell them.
  4. When you have to eat GF because your allergic or intolerant and somebody thinks your just doing it because it's popular. Like wise the people who do this. Gluten Free food is DISGUSTING. Why, WHY would you do that to yourself?

    Also the people that think you don't NEED to eat GF because your ONLY intolerant to it. Ha ha...no. Some people with Gluten Intolerance have worse reactions then some people who are allergic, They just react differently.
  5. Teenage Boys.

    I don't actually HATE them, I'm just very very annoyed with them. Probably because I have encountered boys who fell under the last 4 things on this list.

     I know that there are nice teenage boys somewhere. SOMEWHERE. But not here. I don't know many amazingly polite teenage boys. I think I know ONE guy who I would say was a polite helpful person. And he still annoys me.
And there you have it. My happy little rant.



  1. I see your point, though the best thing to do with catcallers is ignore them. Thankfully, I've never experienced this, but I know I will at some point. You just don't acknowledge them or else they could get aggressive. At least in some places. Best to just ignore and move on, though the idea of spraying them with a water bottle is hilarious and if there were no consequences, I would do it in a heart beat.

    With fandoms, I have no doubt in my mind that I am a fan of How to train your dragon and I also think some people go waaayyy too overboard for something that, at the end of the day, IS A CARTOON!

    Some people harass the makers of the show to find out stuff. (Harass online, I believe.) I mean, come on now.

    Anyway, great post. <3

    1. I'm not worried about them becoming agressive. Or rather, I won't back off just because I think they might. But then again I've taken Self Defense courses, box/kick box etc.

      On a plus side, my Dad (who was once a teenage boy himself)says the worst thing you can do to a boy is ignore him. Granted, we were talking about flirting at the time, but it still counts.

      And *sigh* sometimes people just need a chill pill. I'm glad you liked the post. Rant posts can be so fun :)

  2. I can totally see you spraying someone with a water bottle Kat. And I'd probably join in with you.

    Though in all seriousness, GF is not just a health fad. Gluten allergies (or food allergies/intolerances) are not to be messed with. Having your body reject something makes you totally miserable for HOURS.

    And who ISN'T annoyed at teenage boys from time to time?


    1. Yes, food allergies aren't a joke. I have a bunch of weird ones.

    2. There'd just be two young ladies blasting some cat caller in the face. :)

      GF is the worst. Bleh

      Ditto to teenage boys. Bleh :)

  3. All these things can be so annoying!!!!