100 Blog Posts Celebration!!!!!!!!!!

Hi guys!!!

We have reached 100 posts on Catholic Girl Stuff!!!!!!!!

To celebrate, we will be doing a Q and A!!!!

So send in your questions! 

You can send in question for me(Lia) and Kat to answer separately and you can send in questions you want us both to answer! 

We look forward to giving some A's to your Q's. :D 



  1. Wow!!! I just had mine and now you are having yours, CONGRATS!!!
    For Both:
    What is the first movie you remember watching?
    What is your favorite movie genre?
    What is your favorite book genre?
    Why do you watch movies?
    Why do you read books?
    What is your favorite movie?
    What is your favorite book?
    What is your least favorite movie?
    What is your least favorite book?
    When and where do you like to read?
    What is your favorite Bible verse?
    For Lia:
    What is your favorite season?
    Would you rather swim or ice skate?
    What is your favorite food?
    What is your favorite animal?
    For Kat:
    What is your favorite color?
    What is your favorite smell?
    Would you rather eat carrots or brocolli?
    Do you like to garden?

    There are my questions, I can't wait for the answers!!

  2. CONGRADULATIONS!!! THAT'S SO AWESOME!!!!!!! I only have like forty nine posts, so not quite there yet, lol!

    Okay, questions!

    To Lia:

    What are some of your favorite song lyrics that you've come up with?
    And what have you learned from blogging?

    To Kat:
    What was one of the best books you read this month?
    And what have you learned from blogging?

  3. Congrats, you two! That is awesome news!

    My Q's for you:
    1. How did this blog come about?
    2. How do you choose what to write about?