Awkward and Awesome: Winter, Holidays, Etc


  • They are playing Christmas music. You love Christmas music. But it isn't after Thanksgiving, so you stubbornly refuse to sing along out of principle. 
  • You end up singing anyway because your favorite comes on.
  • Remember the truck thing I whined about? Guess what....I did it again. Why? WHY? *
  • Slush. Yuck
  • And snow. Except for the first day when everything is nice and crisp. After can go
  • I go into panic mode as I realize it is almost time for Christmas shopping and I must begin the mad scrabble to guy things for people. And make sure I don't forget anybody.
  • Misplacing Christmas presents and finding them a few weeks after Christmas.
    Or a few months.
    Or never.
  • Forgetting people while Christmas shopping and having to rush out at the last minute
  • WHO do I need to buy stuff for again? 
  • So. Many. People. In. The. Stores. *gag*
    For people who don't procrastinate, you say?
    Ha ha. You can't fool me. Those people are myths!
  • I love to wrap things. But I also procrastinate. So you'll either get a beautifully wrapped gift or it'll have a towel thrown over it.
  • The winter wind blowing your hair...back into your lipstick...
  • Knocking over the Christmas tree or even just seeing it fall
    (If you see it fall from across the room, do not yell TIMBER!)


  • So festive!
  • Christmas music
  • Scarves and people walking about with smiles and coffee cups in hand
  • Am I Christmas shopping or is it for me? Hahaha. You'll never know!
  • I am the best at hiding things. I am practically a squirrel. (Sometimes I forget when they are though.)

  • First snow
  • Decorating the house
  • Putting up the tree with your family and everyone being covered in tiny plastic needles by the time it is over
  • Taking out your favorite ornament
  • When you find the perfect gift and your just like: Yes! This! This is perfect. and then wait smugly for them to unwrap it on Christmas day
  • Getting a sibling something weird as a prank and watching them just kind of stare at it in confusion for a couple minutes while everyone laughs hysterically
  • Midnight Mass
  • Coming up your drive and seeing your house decked out in lights and wreaths and garlands
  • Forcing your pets to wear ridiculous outfits and laughing at their annoyed expression
  • Doing the same to small children and taking pictures of them for future blackmail
  • Christmas movies

 By the way, comment your favorite Christmas movie!
(Or any movie set during the winter holidays.)
(And no, Leap Day does not count as a winter holiday)

 and Lia-

*For all you newcomers (first of all, Hi)

The Truck thing is the fact that I will see a nice truck in the parking lot and will stare at it. And I never look at the cab first, so after I have stared at the bed, back wheels, side, etc THEN I notice the owner sitting in their car. Often, they are busy with whatever they are doing and don't notice me. But a few times I have slowly looked up to meet the amused eyes of this guy who has been sitting their watching me check out his truck.

Music of the Week #18

Hi guys!

Haven't done one of these in a while :)

The theme today is.......

Eighteen!!! (which is funny, cause its #18, i promise i didn't plan that)

Of course you're all probably wondering... why 18??

Well.........let's just say its because I am no longer 17 :D


When You Are 18

Ok i couldn't find a video for this one, YouTube hates me right now. But its by Celtic Thunder so go look it up :)

What About 18

Eighteen Inches



My Favorite Music Videos

Ok. I lied. These aren't my TOP six favorite music videos.
 But they are some of my favorites. 

Piano Guys: Charlie Brown Melody

Piano Guys: Mission Impossible Theme

Piano Guys: Me and My Cello 

Lindsey Stirling: Roundtable Rival 

Lindsey Stirling: Love's Just A Feeling 

High Valley: She's With Me


Weird Things I Tried That I Ended Up Liking

They aren't all "weird" per say.

But here are some of the things I've tried that I ended up loving.

Acupuncture for Fertility and Pregnancy

I know. It sounds a little creepy to some people to have tiny needles stuck in you. But you actually can't feel the needles. And its fun!

Bubble Tea
Georgia Peaches and Pearls


I tried this fairly recently (we don't have any place near by that sells it.) And now I'm hooked. The place we got it from is too far away to drive, so now I have to learn how to make it myself. 

Tim Tams

Irresistable cupcakes made with a classic cookie we love

Crunchy chocolate cookies with creamy chocolate filling. Dipped in chocolate. These are extremely amazing. (And I'm not really a chocolate person. Or a cookie person.) If you want to try them, most grocery stores have them now. I'm told Kroger does and I normally get them from Meijer. 

British Candy
New Zealand Candy Deliciousness | hungry and fithungry and fit

You may or may not know of my love of tea, scones and British food. I am extremly fond of Crunchie Bars, Flake chocolate bars, vimto flavored bon bons and Maltesers
These particular candies I found at a British Food's store near me, but you can order them online. 


mochi balls.... mmmmmmmmm.


A Japanese sweet. Has a pasty doughy taste. 

And that is why you should try new things! Because there are so many good things out there!
Or maybe it is the reason you should NOT try new things. You'd end up like me, ordering a strange assortment of sweets off the internet and writing boring blog posts about them. 


So, Um NaNoWriMo

Hi guys!!


Ok ok, calm down.

You can get through this. I promise you, it hopefully won't be that bad.

So the question that's (maybe) going through your minds.

Am I doing NaNoWriMo?

The answer: Sort of???

I'm not working on my novella this November. I am not writing it anymore. I realized that I am not a novel writer, that's not my calling. But that's okay, I've accepted it. Let me know in the comments if you want me to do a post about what my novella was going to be about and my characters!

Instead, I am going to be working on my songs. I am planning on getting as many written as possible. Hopefully, my muse won't be off in lala land doing who knows what.

I am signed up on the website, so shoot me a message! My username is Lia99

Have a great NaNo everyone!!!


Dear Hate/////For All The Victims Of The Las Vegas Shooting

Dear hate
I saw you on the news today
Like a shock that takes my breath away
You fall like rain, cover us in drops of pain
I'm afraid that we just might drown

Dear hate
Well, you sure are colorblind
Your kiss is the cruelest kind
You could poison any mind
Just look at mine
Don't know how this world keeps spinning 'round and 'round

You were there in the garden, like a snake in the grass
I see you in the morning staring through the looking glass
You whisper down in history and echo through these halls
But I hate to tell you, love's gonna conquer all

Dear hate
You were smiling from that Selma bridge
In Dallas, when that bullet hit and Jackie cried
You pulled those towers from the sky
But even on our darkest nights
The world keeps spinning 'round

You were there in the garden, like a snake in the grass
I see you in the morning staring through the looking glass
You whisper down through history and echo through these halls
But I hate to tell you, love's gonna conquer all

Dear love
Just when I think you've given up
You were there in the garden when I ran from your voice
I hear you every morning through the chaos and the noise
You still whisper down through history and echo through these halls
And tell me love's gonna conquer all

Gonna conquer all

This is not my song. This song is by Maren Morris. She released it after the shooting. Please pray for all the victims and their families. 


Whaaaa? It Is October?

Hi guys!

September was a fun month! Kat and I both started senior year the last week of August. Wheee!
We did not do well with posting this month. Sorry! But October should be better :)

Of All Time: 6,718
Last Month: 497

Our Five Biggest International Viewers
United States

Five Biggest International Viewers of all Time
Russia (In Russia! Land of Yesterday! #Anastasia)
United States
Germany (haha take that Kat!)

Posts This Month


Just cause I can, I'm going to end with a bad joke

Why can't you give Elsa a balloon?


Because she'll let it go!



Da Da Dah!


FASHION BOOTS! LATTES! work. School. Flu season. I am cold.

Our theme this month is a mixture between The Rosary and Fatima. 

Because the 13th is the 100th anniversary of the day the sun danced! 

Major Feast Days: 

Oct 4: Saint Francis of Assisi
Oct 5: Saint Faustina 
Oct 7: Our Lady of the Rosary
 Oct 15: Saint Theresa of Avila
Oct 18: Saint Luke
Oct 24: Saint Raphael
Oct 29: Feast of Christ the King   

Oh, and do you know why you shouldn't write with a broken pencil? 

Because it is pointless. 

(Much like my jokes) 



(Ps. I a, just a liddy bit competitive, in case you haven't guessed)