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Hi guys!!!

We have reached 100 posts on Catholic Girl Stuff!!!!!!!!

To celebrate, we will be doing a Q and A!!!!

So send in your questions! 

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When Your Family is Driving You Crazy....

Hello all!

Extra post today!

So my post Curveballs . Before I continue, THANK ALL OF YOU FOR YOUR NICE COMMENTS!!! They mean the world to me.

Anyway, we were sitting around the table on Saturday, eating lunch, when my dad looks at me and says

"you know, I finally figured out what you look like with chicken pox. You look like Madam Mim."

My whole family sat there for a second and then burst into laughter. My older brother was crying, he was laughing so hard.

In case you don't know who Madam Mim is. here's a picture

Disney's Sword in the Stone is where she's from. Sigh. My family has not let this go ever since. 

My sister keep trying to get a picture of me so she can do a side by side comparison. 

                                                  ( Me when my sister tries to take my picture)

My family may drive me up a wall, but I love them for it. 



Hi guys,

You know that saying, "When life throws you a curveball, grab a bat and swing it."
Well, life threw me a curveball back in January when I caught pink eye from who knows where. Little did I know, it threw another curveball and it took til now for it to smack me upside the head.  Clearly this time, I swung and I missed. 

You all may be a little confused right now.  All these baseball metaphors and what not.  And you are waiting for me to get to the point.  Which I will do now. 
What I thought was an allergic reaction to some medicine the dentist gave me for a tooth is actually chicken pox. 

Yep. That's right.  I have chicken pox.  I never got it when I was little (well, little-er)
But I got it now.  And let me tell you,  I am miserable. Very itchy and I am covered in pimples. 
I am glad I got it now, because of the risks of getting when you are older but I cannot wait until I am finished and done with this. 

This has been kind of a rant of the horribleishness of chicken pox. Has anybody else here had chicken pox. Comment if you have or haven't. 


10 Movies To Watch This Summer

---A dual post by Lia and Kat---

1. Kat's Musical Suggestion: Singing In The Rain (1952)

2. Kat's Romance Suggestion: North and South BBC Mini Series (2004)

3. Kat's Animated Film Suggestion: Disney's Atlantis (2001)

4. Kat's Family Movie Suggestion: The Blind Side (2009)
***Warning. There is some language and drug use, so your parents should probably watch it first and make sure they're ok with it.***

5. Kat's "Perfect Summer Film" Suggestion: The entire Lord of The Rings Trilogy.

                  What? You're just sitting inside anyways.

6.  Lia's Musical Suggestion: Seven Brides for Seven Brothers (1954)

7.  Lia's Romance Suggestion: The Inheritance (1997)

8. Lia's Animated Film Suggestion: Quest for Camelot (1998)

9. Lia's Family Movie Suggestion: Your's, Mine, and Ours. (1968)

10. Lia's"Perfect Summer Film" Suggestion: Pride and Prejudice (2005)

So go forth and watch movies!

 and Lia-

5 Things I Hate

  1. "You're not a REAL fan....."

    Ummm. Yes. They are. And fandoms are for enjoyment. Are you really telling someone they aren't enjoying it the right way? Can you actually believe that you are allowed to say this? And knowledge doesn't make you a "better" fan. My brothers probably knows more about comics then I do, but they don't really care. Just because you have knowledge doesn't make you a fan. And just because your a fan, doesn't mean you have to know about every detail of everything.
  2. "The people who mock girls who like comics or say they only go to watch the movies because of the lead male actors"

    I'm not kidding. 45% of the people who went to watch Guardians of the Galaxy II were women. And what did they "experts" say?  
    They went for Chris Pratt.
    Seriously? Seriously. For the record I went for a talking raccoon and epic sword fighting. And baby groot. And spaceships.

    And the guys who come up to girls and start quizzing them on the comics to see if they're a "real fan."

    Stop. Just stop. Nobody quizzes you on the band shirt your wearing and start asking you if you know the lead singer's favorite color or favorite subject in the second grade.

    So chill
  3. Cat callers.

    Oh, I have a wonderful idea. You know how when your bike riding and a dog runs up and starts barking at you? You're (amongst other options) supposed to take your water bottle and spray them in the face with it. You know what I say?

    Next time someone catcalls you, spray them in the face with your water bottle and say "If your going to treat me like a dog, then I'm going to treat you like a dog." and then walk away.

    (Note to self: Carry water bottle with me everywhere)

    Secondary choice. Throw a doll or stick for them, say fetch and then tell them.
  4. When you have to eat GF because your allergic or intolerant and somebody thinks your just doing it because it's popular. Like wise the people who do this. Gluten Free food is DISGUSTING. Why, WHY would you do that to yourself?

    Also the people that think you don't NEED to eat GF because your ONLY intolerant to it. Ha ha...no. Some people with Gluten Intolerance have worse reactions then some people who are allergic, They just react differently.
  5. Teenage Boys.

    I don't actually HATE them, I'm just very very annoyed with them. Probably because I have encountered boys who fell under the last 4 things on this list.

     I know that there are nice teenage boys somewhere. SOMEWHERE. But not here. I don't know many amazingly polite teenage boys. I think I know ONE guy who I would say was a polite helpful person. And he still annoys me.
And there you have it. My happy little rant.


I SAW BRETT YOUNG IN CONCERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi guys!!!!

(Note: this post was supposed to go up yesterday but due to helping my sister move Sunday and yesterday, I ran out of time yesterday to write and post this. Sorry!)

As you can probably guess from the title, I saw Brett Young in concert! *excited squeal*

There's a festival in my town that is near Fourth of July weekend. The town invites one or two country artists to come and perform.

This year one of them was Brett Young. If you have no idea who Brett Young is, here is his latest single.

I'm literally obsessed with this song and when he started to sing it, I almost cried.

He is so funny, by the way, all the stories he was telling before he would perform the songs were sooooo funny!!! I was cracking up.


Music of the Week #17

Oh boy, I have not done one of these in a while........sorry!

Anyway get ready for a doozie this week, I got a new musical that I have not stopped listening to since the album came out last week.


The movie was my childhood. I can quote it and I know the songs by heart and when I heard they were making a musical, I literally danced around my house!!!

As some of you may know, Ramin Karimloo is starring in this. He plays Gleb, a Russian official who is replacing Rasputin as the villain.  Ramin also plays the Phantom in the 25th anniversary edition. 
As soon as he started singing on this Anastasia album, I busted out laughing. All I could think of was, "why is the Phantom in Russia? Is this where he went after Christine left?" Aaaaaaaand now every time he sings, I laugh.( sorrynotsorry)

So I won't be doing just 5 songs this week, because I can't pick just 5. This album is amazing!!
(and yes, I totally looked up how much Broadway tickets are and I am poor and sad :(  )

A Crowd of a Thousands

Stay, I Pray You

In My Dreams

Once Upon A December

My Petersburg

Meant To Be

We'll Go From There

Quartet At The Ballet

Crossing A Bridge

Land of Yesterday

Everything To Win

Ok, so ummm, that was 11 songs. Somebody should probably send help. Nevermind it's too late for that. 

Hope you enjoy!!!
Comments if you listened to this an unhealthy amount of times too!!
Or if your interested in listening to it


P.S. Derek Klena as Dmitry. I just.......*swoons*

Books To Read This Summer

Do you know what's annoying?

The struggle to find new books that don't have drugs, swearing or *ahem* adult content?

And I'm not reading "adult" literature. Nope. I'm in the children or Young Adult section.

(If you want to hear more about this, I suggest you check out #RebelliousWriting. It's a growing movement in the blogging sphere. The post that started it all can be found HERE)

And I'm here to give you a list of clean books you can read this summer!

1. I'd Tell You That I Love You, But Then I'd Have To Kill You by Ally Carter
            Teenage girls who live at a Boarding School that is actually training them as spies.
     Another thing about this book, if you continue to read the six book series. At one point, the Main       Character meets a group of nuns. And I was sitting there thinking "Oh, this is going to be great."         And you know what? It was, I was very happy with the way they were handled. They                           sounded like...nuns.

2. P.S. I Like You by Kasie West
       I've been trying to branch out and read more contemporary novels. Which is hard since they tend        to be the ones that are a little ......eeegh. But this one was not! It's a cute fluffy (slightly                        predictable) story. It's PERFECT for summer. Bonus Points? Both her parents are there, they               actually seem like realistic parents and she actually had a family.

3. Faro's Daughter by Georgette Heyer

   If you love Jane Austen, then you HAVE to read Georgette Heyer's books. (A word of warning, some of her books have questionable content. These books include: Venitia, Cousin Kate and These Old Shades.) Some of her other good books include: Sylvester or the Wicked Uncle, Arabella, and Black Sheep.

4.  The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer
       *gasp* This series is amazing. I know it sounds a little weird and overly sci-fi, but I promise you         it is not! The first book is Cinder.

5. A classic (like Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility, Call of the Wild) or something different.      Like a play? I HIGHLY suggest The Twelfth Night by Shakespeare. It's just so deliciously woven        together.

And those are my reading suggestions for this summer!


Monthly Devotions for July and a Look Back At June

Lia and I decided to try something new. We post alternating weeks, with her posts coming up on Mondays and mine coming up on Wednesdays. (And an occasional Friday music post)

As you can see I already broke that new arrangement. Whoops.

But not really since this is a dual post,

I guess?


Pageviews last month: 1, 151
Pageviews total: 4, 200

And it's kind of weird since there was a giant spike on the 15th and 16th. We didn't even post on that day. 

Followers: Nine

*restraining random LOTR reference*

June Posts:

(As you can see, we didn't do such a great job posting this month. Let's see how we do next month.)

Top 5 Biggest International Viewers This Month
(The viewers themselves aren't big. I mean the country that has the most page views after the US and....You know what I mean.)


Top 5 Biggest International Viewers OF ALL TIME

Are Russian's actually reading our blog? Why? Do they do it to learn English? Do they translate the page? Are they actually KGB??? (Ignore the Cold Fan Fanatic Weirdo over here) 

Ok. Now I'll leave you and let Lia take over. 



Hello everyone! Lia here. 

The devotional theme of July is the Precious Blood. We will be posting the Precious Blood novena sometime during this month. 

We will definitely be posting more this month than we did last month. (Sorry)
I can tell you we have some very fun posts planned for July. 

Tell us if your doing Camp NaNoWriMo this month also!!!