Quotes #2

Hey Guys!

Another round of quotes curtesy of Pinterest.

If you want 2017 to be your year:

Don't sit on the couch and wait for it.
Go out. Make a change. Smile more.
Be excited. Do new things. Throw away
what you've been cluttering. Unfollow
negative people on social media. Go to
bed early. Wake up early. Be fierce.
Don't gossip. Show more gratitude.
Do things that challenge you.
Be brave.

You are not the number
of A's you get in school,
nor the numbers of 0's in
your bank account after you
finished school.

You are the number of ticks
you checked off your bucket list
and the number of smiled
you impacted on others
while doing the things you like.

Always be yourself. Don't ever let
anybody ever tell you you're not good
enough because God made you who you are
for a reason.

Who are you,

you are not a name
or a height, or a weight
or a gender
you are not an age
and you are not where you
are from

you are your favorite books
and the songs stuck in your head
you are your thoughts
and what you eat for breakfast
on Saturday mornings

you are a thousand things
but everyone chooses
to see the million things
you are not

you are not
where you are from
you are
where you're going
and i'd like
to go there

I ADORE you, you crazy,
gorgeous, wonderful (but
also sometimes quite weird
but still very lovely) person

The earth has music for those who listen.

Being a hero doesn't mean you're invincible
it just means you're brave enough to stand up
and do what's needed.

She told the seashell
her story, whispering
every secret her memories
held. Then she laid
the shell at the ocean's edge
and watched the tide pick
it up and carry it out to sea...

Don't be sad, because
sad backwards is das,
and das not good.

I am not an early bird
or a night owl.
I am some form of
permanently exhausted

When you're young
thunderstorms seem scary
like the sky is
angry at you.
But now that I'm older,
something about its roar
soothes me;
it's comforting
to know that even nature
needs to scream sometimes.

There are gonna be a lot of situations
that make you want to switch up your
character. Remain you.

Well there you have it. The second installment of quotes.
Stay tuned!


Music of the Week #3

Hey guys!

I know I missed a week with this but it was the week before Christmas so I was a little stressed.

This week has a theme....

Here we go


I love musicals so much. Anyone who knows me knows that if they say a word that comes from a musical I will automatically start singing the song.


Les Miserables- One Day More.
Okay so it was really hard to pick a favorite song from this musical cause I have so many favorites.
But this one holds a special place in my heart. It starts out with each individual parts and then close to the end everyone sings their parts together and I just sdkjlaksdhfjs

Phantom of the Opera- Music of the Night
I first listened to the Phantom of the Opera soundtrack when I was four years old. The 2004 movie had just come out and my sisters had become obsessed with it. So I got to listen to it too. Soon enough four year old me was going around the house singing 'Angel of Music'. I didn't fully like this song until I was 12 then it became my favorite song.

Into the Woods- No One is Alone
I didn't see Into the Woods until a year ago so I didn't get into this one at first. I heard this song and I started to cry. This song is so beautiful and has a message that is strong.

Wicked- Popular
This song cracks me up. It has a good beat and is just really funny. My sister and I sing this one all the time. (me as Glinda) I exaggerate my facial expressions a lot.

Hamilton- It's Quiet Uptown
Everyone who is a fan of Hamilton is probably freaking out right now reading this. I wasn't into Hamilton at first, I thought it was weird that people were freaking out about a musical about Alexander Hamilton. Boy, was I wrong. I was so wrong. I finally decided to listen to the soundtrack last week to see what all the fuss was about. I finished that album and just sat there in shock(and tears too, the last song gets me) This musical was written so well and I was completely flabbergasted.
It's Quiet Uptown is my favorite song from this musical. I cried so hard listening to this for the first time.

So that was fun! I will probably have another musical themed one cause I definitely did not cover all of my favorite musicals.
Comment down below what your favorite musicals are. (and tell me what your experiences with Hamilton are, I'd love to know if anyone else likes it on here)


Christmas 2016

Merry Christmas guys!

I know I haven't blogged in a week......and a half :(

I was baking cookies and cleaning my house. It was just really chaotic and I didn't even have time to think about blogging. So I'm sorry but here I am now.

My family knows me too well so I got a lot of books for Christmas. Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
(book nerd alert)

The week of practices for the Epiphany play start next week so I'm excited about that.
I managed to memorize all my lines and my lyrics for my solos.

I'm really self-conscious about who hears me sing so I won't sing in front of people until I've known them for awhile so this is a big step for me.

I'm honestly not as nervous as I thought I would be but I guess that's just me growing up.

I will try to blog every night next week so I can tell you guys how practice is going.

Anyway, I hope everyone had a good Christmas.


Music of the Week #2

Hey guys!!

Here's the second edition of my five songs for you guys.

Owl City- Fireflies
This song is very nostalgic. I feel happy listening to this song. I don't really know how to describe that so, here listen for yourself

Josh Groban- You Are Loved
This song has helped me a lot when I am feeling down and stressed out. The overall message is you are loved even if you feel everyone you know hates you, someone out there cares for you and that matters.

Peter Hollens- The Rains of Castamore
This song is amazing!!!!!!!!!!! I love his voice and the song is beautiful and I just can't.
Here listen...

Taylor Swift- Sweeter than Fiction
I'm probably going to need this song a lot for the next few weeks. This song is about being proud of someone for doing what they love. I love the message of this song and I hope it helps you too.

Christina Perri- A Thousand Years.
No words..... just no words. Listen to the song instead.

That's all for this week guys!!!
So sorry I was late. This week has been a little chaotic to say the least.


The Epiphany Play

Hi guys!!!!! *waves*

Every year my church does an Epiphany play. This is a retelling of the conceiving of Jesus all the
way to the visit of the wise men.

This year I have been cast as Mary. (cue screaming)

This is a great honor and I can't tell you how excited and nervous and I am freaking out all over again.

It will be the first time I will sing in public by myself so yeah.........

I'm planning on blogging about the whole thing and will keep you guys posted on practices, and how the play goes

The play isn't til January but we need to practice now so all the little kids know their parts.

I am very excited for it and it will be a fun month and a half.