Music of the Week #2

Hey guys!!

Here's the second edition of my five songs for you guys.

Owl City- Fireflies
This song is very nostalgic. I feel happy listening to this song. I don't really know how to describe that so, here listen for yourself

Josh Groban- You Are Loved
This song has helped me a lot when I am feeling down and stressed out. The overall message is you are loved even if you feel everyone you know hates you, someone out there cares for you and that matters.

Peter Hollens- The Rains of Castamore
This song is amazing!!!!!!!!!!! I love his voice and the song is beautiful and I just can't.
Here listen...

Taylor Swift- Sweeter than Fiction
I'm probably going to need this song a lot for the next few weeks. This song is about being proud of someone for doing what they love. I love the message of this song and I hope it helps you too.

Christina Perri- A Thousand Years.
No words..... just no words. Listen to the song instead.

That's all for this week guys!!!
So sorry I was late. This week has been a little chaotic to say the least.


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