Rebellious Writing Blog Tour/Website////// I Am Late So Sorry.

Hi everyone!

 The Rebellious Writing website is up!!!   Go check it out!

                                                               Gray Marie Cox

                                                                Audrey Caylin

                                                                    Clare A.

                                                              Melissa Gravitis

                                                                  Lila Red

                                                             Catherine Hawthorne 

                                                               Abigail Lennah 

                                                             Faith Thompson

                                                                 Anna C.S.

Go check all of their blogs out!!

What is Rebellious Writing you may ask?  Let me 'splain. (no, too long, let me sum up.)

We believe
In light
In truth
In goodness
We believe in tomorrow's generation
In creating a better world
Through words
Through books
We believe in fighting for what we believe
We believe in high expectations
That we are capable of anything we set our minds to
We the youth
Believe in Rebellion 
Rebellion for Righteousness
For light
For verity in a world of lies
For beauty in a world of darkness

Watch this video to find out more!


Go join the Rebellion!!!!!!



  1. Hey, its never too late. Awesome post. :)

  2. You are not late - you are actually on time, as it is KICKOFF DAY!!!!


  3. Yay!!!! Thanks for the post and the shout out!! Hey, you're more on time than me.

    (Have you seen The Princess Bride? I think I already asked you this.)

    1. Your welcome MovieCritic! I have seen the Princess Bride. It's one of my favorite movies.