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Books That Made Me Cry

Hey y'all

I've seen a lot of YouTube videos where booktubers talk about books that made them cry. So I thought, why not do a post about mine on Blogger.
So here we are.

I will be listing them from least amount of crying to sobbing into my pillow crying.


                                                            Random flower, because why not?

Little Women- Louisa May Alcott
Those of you who have read Little Women know what I am talking about. Beth. I loved Beth and several tears made their way down my face after her death.

                                                             Woah, another flower. I am on a roll.

Allegiant- Veronica Roth
Dystopian fiction is not really my thing. I borrowed these books from a friend because she thought I would like them. I did, except for this last book. WHAT AUTHOR KILLS OFF THE MAIN CHARACTER OF A SERIES????????????? I was emotional to say the least.

                                                                      Pretty Flower

Mockingjay- Suzanne Collins
I have a lot of feelings on this book. Most of them negative. I hated this series. All the killing was stupid and very violent. The last ten chapters of this book, I was crying ridiculously. It was bad.
                                                         I think it's apparent that I like flowers.

The Royal Ranger- John Flanagan
This is when the sobbing escalated very fast. I was so upset and almost threw the book across my room. Alyss was my favorite character and I just...... GAH!!!!!!!

                                                         last bit of flowers, I promise. hehehehehe

And now for the book that had me sobbing the most.
dun dun dun

Heartless - Marissa Meyer
I kid you not, I had to stop reading and go sit in the bathroom so I could sob without my family noticing. I cried so hard, I needed water because I was dehydrated. I'm not even going to say what happened, go read this book. It is sad but it is so worth the read.

                                                      you thought it was going to be flowers, didn't you???

Thus concludes this sad post. I had an interesting time writing this. I'm sorry if I spoiled you but I did tell you there would be spoilers.


Comment down below what you thought of my troll skills.
Also what books you have cried at.

What's your favorite snack to eat while you read?
(I'm hungry)


  1. LITTLE WOMEN IS SUCH A GOOD BOOK! One of my absolute favorites. And Beth is such a sweetheart. :)

    You really were on a roll with the flower pictures, weren't you? Haha. Such fun. I sort of tend to get a theme going with my pictures sometimes, too. It just works. :)

    My favorite snack to eat while I read? Candy! :D

  2. I tend to go a little overboard with my pictures.....

    I know! Little Women is one of my favorites too.

  3. Little Women!!!!!! Oh, how I love that book. It seems that everyone around here harbors a certain fondness for it... I haven't read any of the others you mentioned, though. I noticed you had a few adventure/fantasy types in your list, what genre is your favorite to read?

    And your flower choices were positively lovely! One can never include too many pretty flowers in one's blogposts. Never.

  4. Everyone must love Little Women!!! I like a bunch of genres. Fantasy, contemporary, period dramas, etc. The list can go on.

    I recently figured out how to post images to my blog. So that explains the pictures :)
    Thanks for reading!



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