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I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
I meant to post this before Lent actually began....but school, life, etc. *Sigh*

Lent is a time to grow closer to God. It's the time to strengthen your relationship with Him, and do a little spring cleaning in your soul.

So....why do we fast?

Well, imagine there is a smoker and his wife is about to have a baby. He knows the smoke is bad for his kid, so he quits. Because the baby is more important then his cigarettes.

Now while the things we are offering up aren't bad in and of themselves (Soft drinks, candy, whatever) we are showing God that he is more important then earthly things.

Secondly, to strengthen our will power. Our will power is a gift from God. No other creatures have will power. Your will is like a muscle though. It needs constant use to make it stronger. And while Candy and soft drinks may have worked when you were younger, your will is stronger now. You need something heavier.

What you give up doesn't have to be totally pointless either.

You can give up the mornings that you sleep in. You can give up your comfort and start running. That may sound fun the first couple days, but after awhile you'll be dragging yourself to the gym. Why do I have to? Can't I quit? Nope. Because this is what your doing this lent.
Or maybe start that diet?
Or read a saint book when you would normally watch Agents of SHEILD or Dr. Who.

The key is to keep sacrificing. Say a morning offering each morning when you roll out of bed and offer your day to God.

Have a holy Lent!



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