Book Review: The Borrowed House

This book is written by Hilda Van Stockman, the same lady who wrote the Winged Watchman.

I find this book really interesting because this is written from the point of a young girl in Germany. Actually, she was only in Germany for the first two or three chapters. She is a German girl who goes to live in Holland with her actor parents. And she lives in a borrowed house. A house taken from a dutch family by the Nazis.

I love reading books from this time period, especially from the point of view of an underground worker! Clashes with the Gestapo, forging exciting.

But the main character from this book isn't with the resistance. She isn't Jewish either. She is a Hitler Youth (Technically she is what ever the term is for the female version of Hitler Youth, but who cares. I mean besides me.)

Naturally she changes her mind as time goes by. It really is a good thing, because she falls through the back of the closet into a magical place. Well, not Narnia. It's a secret room. With a member of the resistance.


Who, naturally isn't some wrinkly old guy who has been there since the first world war.
Nope. It's a boy.

And they slowly fall in love, blah blah blah. And everything is going great.

Until the house burns down and he has to run for his life, etc.

  So go read it.


Just a side note from the other half of this blog :)

I loved this book so much. Janna and Sef are so cute and I cried at the ending


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