2017 Schedule

We've decided to post out schedule for 2017.


January- Holy Family/Family

February- Future Spouse, Marriage, St Valentine, etc

March- Passion of Christ/Lent

April- Holy Eucharist

May- Mary, Queen of Heaven

June- Sacred Heart

July- Prayers for Our County. Prayers for Soldiers and Politicians.

August- Prayers for Vocations/ Guidance with Search for Future Careers

September- Our Lady of Sorrows

October- The Holy Rosary

November- Holy Souls

December- Christmas/ Advent


This will be mostly the same thing every year, except for a few select months.

March could change, if we wanted to focus on one part of the Passion. Like the Five Wounds, Carrying of the Cross, etc.

May will change every year.  This year we're doing the Queenship of Mary. For example, next year we might do the Motherhood of Mary, or Our Lady of Mount Camel.

November can change. I think we will rotate every year: All Saints, All Souls, All Saints, etc.


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  1. Never be afraid to change. Who knows, there could be some old devotions that no one knows about. :)