Music of the Week #5

Hello people of the Internet!

I am going to do the music of the week a little differently from now on.
I will do my top favorite songs from one artist or musical each week instead of 5 different artists.

Without further ado, here we go!

I recently became obsessed with Taylor Davis, a violinist on YouTube.

So that's who this week is dedicated to!

Taylor Davis- For the Dancing and the Dreaming
I love this song. On the violin, it's just so pretty. Have a listen

Taylor Davis- The Avengers Theme
I am obsessed with the Marvel Universe so when I heard her cover of the main theme I was pretty excited.

Taylor Davis- My Heart Will Go On-
I have not seen the new Titanic this song is from. But my sisters listen to this song all the time so I know it. I think this song is just so pretty and on violin it sounds awesome. :)

Taylor Davis- He's A Pirate
I love Pirate's of the Caribbean! Enough said.

Taylor Davis- Phantom of the Opera Medley
Obviously I wouldn't pass up the Phantom of the Opera theme. I love this musical. It was the first Broadway musical I had ever seen and I will never get tired of it.

There you have it, this week's 5 musical selections.