Music of the Week #6

Hello friends!!

Here we have another one of my musical obsessions


This week...........Peter Hollens!

If you don't know who Peter Hollens is, I suggest you click on these songs immediately and then go check out his YouTube channel

Peter Hollens- Shenandoah
I had actually never heard this song until Peter Hollens covered it. It's an old folk song and his voice just matches it perfectly.

Peter Hollens- For the Dancing and the Dreaming feat. Evynne Hollens
Have I ever mentioned how much I love this song? This one features his wife and their voices blend so well together. Gosh!! It's so pretty!

Peter Hollens- Homeward Bound
Oh my gosh, this song is the most gorgeous thing my ears have ever heard!! I can't even begin to express how this song makes me feel.

Peter Hollens- Somewhere Out There
This one he just posted a couple weeks ago actually. This song is so pretty. I just can't.

Peter Hollens- Loch Lomond
This Scottish song and Peter's voice= The most wonderful thing in the world!

Well there's that. I'm sorry for the level of fangirling I did. I just really love Peter's voice and these songs are amazing.



  1. I love Peter and Evynne Hollens' s music too! Can't wait for Ashland to start singing!

  2. He will probably be an awesome singer considering how vocally talented his parents are.

  3. Oh I really like Peter Hollens! His voice is amazing! I haven't heard the 2nd and 4th songs you listed. His voice is amazing and I love it even more when he and his wife work together.

    God bless,

  4. You should go listen to them, they're the best!!
    Thanks for reading!