HELLO! It's me! The person who never blogs! Yay!

I should apologize for not blogging more often, but..........I'm not sorry

Ok, I'm a little sorry. I have been INSANELY busy, thank you very much!

Anyway, on with the post!

The month of January was supposed to be Holy Family themed. Ha ha.
There is still a little January left....

(Next month is February and out theme will be Future Spouses. So we will (hopefully) have all sorts of prayers and such.)

So I am posting on FAMILY! (Not the "Holy Family" kind. YOUR family kind)



They can be very annoying sometime. But sometimes they can be your best friend.

Here is a bit of advice. Your siblings will ALWAYS be there. You can't just move away or drift apart. (You can, I suppose..) This is your family. It would be MUCH better if when everyone is adults and you get together at your mum's house, if you aren't fighting or "not talking" to each other. Everyone has something in common. Get to know your siblings. Do things with them. When they are driving you craaaazy and your about to scream, stand up, quietly leave the room and do something. Put all that energy you were just going to use to hit your lil' brother with a 2x4 and go run. Or do Yoga. Or make cookies. The butter won't mind if you violently slam it onto the table.

Leave the house if you can. At least leave the room.

When your feeling better, go back and do things with them. Watch a movie (granted, your brothers might not like Pride and Prejudice, but still) play a board game, etc.

Make an effort to do things with your siblings once in awhile. I for one had more trouble bonding with my older siblings. If you are the older sibling, spend time with the younger ones. They most likely look up to you.

If you are the younger sibling, I suggest try NOT doing things that annoy your older siblings. If you know they hate it when you sing Let It Go at the top of your voice at 2 am, don't do that. If you aren't driving them crazy all the time, it will be easier to spend time with them!

Make spending time with family your new goal for 2017! Trust me, you'll be glad you did!



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