Recaping 2016

Hey guys!

I decided to write a post about how this year has been for me.

I feel 2016 has been a big year for me but also I can't wait to start 2017 and see what it holds.

2016 is the year I started to transgress from child to young adult. I am 17 but I feel like I didn't
start to really feel it til this year.

2016 also had its ups and downs too.... At the beginning of the year, my mom broke her ankle. For the next three months, my life changed a lot. I had to take on a lot of the responsibility around the house, taking care of my little brothers, and making dinner. And at the same time keep up with my
schoolwork as well. Thankfully, my tutor was very understanding so she gave me some freebies :)

I started my junior year of high school in 2016 and. I have started to look at collages and trying to figure out what I want to do with my life and my future.

In November, my mom and sisters took me to see Phantom of the Opera on stage. It was the best thing ever and I am so blessed to have a wonderful mother and sisters who knew how much I wanted to see it.

In 2017, I want to actually follow through with my New Years resolutions and not completely forget about them.

So I've come up with some I will try to follow.

1. Stop procrastinating so much
2. Blog more
3. Try to write something in my journal every day
4. Spend less time on the Internet.
5. Be confident

I hope you guys have a happy new year and I look forward to what the new year brings us all.


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