Praying for Your Future Husband

These prayers are both for praying for guidance in finding your future husband, praying that God gives him strength now in any trials he may be going through, and for patience until he arrives.

The first prayer is a Novena to Saint Joseph, the spouse of Mary. This novena (say it 9 days in a row) isn't especially for future spouses, but you can customize the request

"Oh Saint Joseph whose protection is so great, so strong, so prompt before the Throne of God, I place in you all my interests and desires.

Oh Saint Joseph, do assist me by your powerful intercession and obtain for me from your Divine Son all spiritual blessings through Jesus Christ, Our Lord, so having engaged here below your heavenly power I may offer my thanksgiving and homage to the most loving of fathers.

Oh Saint Joseph, I never weary contemplating you and Jesus asleep in your arms. I dare not approach while he reposes near your heart. Press him in my name and kiss his fine head and ask him to return the favor when I draw my dying breath.

Oh Saint Joseph, Patron of departing souls, pray for us.


And this one:

O Jesus, lover of the young, the dearest Friend I have, in all confidence I open my heart to You to beg Your light and assistance in the important task of planning my future. Give me the light of Your grace, that I may decide wisely concerning the person who is to be my partner through life. Dearest Jesus, send me such a one whom in Your divine wisdom You judge best suited to be united with me in marriage. May her/his  character reflect some of the traits of Your own Sacred Heart. May s/he be upright, loyal, pure, sincere and noble, so that with united efforts and with pure and unselfish love we both may strive to perfect ourselves in soul and body, as well as the children it may please You to entrust to our care. Bless our friendship before marriage, that sin may have no part in it. May our mutual love bind us so closely, that our future home may ever be most like Your own at Nazareth.

O Mary Immaculate, sweet Mother of the young, to your special care I entrust the decision I am to make as to my future wife/husband. You are my guiding Star! Direct me to the person with whom I can best cooperate in doing God's Holy Will, with whom I can live in peace, love and harmony in this life, and attain to eternal joys in the next.

And this one to Saint Anne

"Dear Saint Anne, find me a husband as fast as you can" 

I'm kidding. 

The Saint Ann novena is too long for me to write out  (it changes every day of the novena) so I'll enclose the link to it here: Saint Anna Novena

Remember, keep praying. If it is meant to happen, it will.     


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  1. I have the second one on a card, need to start praying it again