Music of the Week #7

Hello all!

I can't believe I've already done 7 weeks of this!

This week.... one of my favorite musicals

Phantom of the Opera!!

Backstory time!
I was first introduced to this musical when I was four years old. The movie had just come out and my sisters bought it. I swear they watched more than once a day :) So little ol' me also listened to it a lot.
Soon enough, I was walking around the house singing 'Angel of Music'. I have loved this musical ever since. My sister actually got the book for me for Christmas. I thought I would  like the book and I do somewhat........ But that's a whole other post so I will continue with the music.

(Side note, I will be posting the music from the 25th anniversary edition rather that the movie)

Music of the Night
Okay, I know I previously had this one in Music of the Week #3 but I have to post it again.
I love this song so much. I could listen to this on repeat for days and still never get tired of it.

All I Ask of You
Next to Music of the Night, this is my favorite song from the musical. I like the 25th anniversary version better that the movie version of this song. This duet is the best thing ever!!

Phantom of the Opera
Title song, I can't not post this. Enjoy!

Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again
This song is so sad. Christine is singing about how much she misses her father and think its so beautiful.

Point of No Return
A lot of people think this song is really creepy. Me.... I love this song. I don't know why, I just do.

I hope if you have never seen this musical after this you will go and watch it immediately. :)




    The 25th Anniversary Edition is the first one I saw and it is A THING OF BEAUTY. So, so good :) Glad you agree!

    I think my favorites are "Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again", "Why Have You Brought Us Here/Don't Take Me Back There" (or whatever that bit before All I Ask is called), and "Track Down This Murderer/Final Lair".

    I love that you do these posts, it's awesome :D

  2. Thank you Olivia!! I love doing these posts too. It helps my music obsession XD I honestly can't remember what that bit before "All I Ask of You" is but I like that one too