Hello February!

Today is the first day of February! We are now one month further into the year 2017.
What do we have to show for it? Have we kept up our goals? Are we getting closer to achieving our dreams?

Or are you sitting on the computer all day reading blogs? (Don't feel too bad. That's basically what I've been doing, except I have tea. Plus I like this blog. )

This is the beginning of a new month. It's time to start working again! To start sprinting toward your dreams again,

But first you should finish this blog post.

Many of my protestant friends are very surprised that the Catholics read the Bible.
Honesty? Come on. We were the ones who combined the Old and New Testament, kept and protected the Bible all these years...(Sorry. Ranting)

Since this is the Month of Marriage, (that was St. Valentine's real story you know. Saving marriages.) I suggest reading the book of Tobit.  There is a paper somewhere explaining how the book of Tobit has every Church teaching on Marriage and Family in it. (I'll try and find it for you, but I wouldn't count on it)

This would be a good book to read this month. It doesn't take long to read this book of the Bible, I read it earlier in about an hour. So just take out the Bible and read a few minutes a day.

Besides containing a lot on Marriage, it's also very funny.

Like the fact that the girl young Tobit marries has had her last 7 husbands killed by a devil on her wedding night? (Well, that's not very funny...)
So after Tobit married her, her dad sent the servants out to dig a pit, "Just in case"
Of course after he lived, they had to fill it back in....


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