Courtship Vs Dating

This always REALLY confused me.

What? I'm not going to COURT someone! Weird. I'm going to date people! I'm not going to sit on a couch. (In front of my family. Awkward)

I want to go to dinner. To movies.

What do you mean dating ruins marriage? My brother dated and he married the girl and they are happy!

Here is what I didn't understand.

Courtship doesn't mean sitting on the couch and playing the organ and serving him pie you made (though you could do that if you really wanted to)

The difference between dating and courtship is the reason  you do it.

If you are dating in the hopes of finding your future spouse, you are courting. If you are dating because everyone is doing it, because your bored, etc you're doing it for the wrong reason.

So now you know!

Also, if somebody asks you on a date, or asks you to date them you do not have to scream: "Dating Bad! Courtship Good!"

Dating, for the sake of marriage, is still called dating.

Have a blessed Saint Valentine's Day!

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  1. Courting can also mean going steady with someone to see if they are suited to marriage. You can date more than person at a time, but only court one at a time.