Prayers For Future Husband


It's my turn to post on future husband prayers so here we go!

I don't know what he struggles with, you do.
I don't know his dreams, but you do.
I don't know his past, but you do.
Help me know how to pray for him today,
before I even know him.

If I marry:
He must be tall that when he is on
his knees he reaches all the way to
His shoulders must be broad enough
to bear the burden of a family.
His lips must be strong enough to
smile, firm enough to say no, and tender
enough to kiss.
Love must be so deep that it takes its
stand in Christ and so wide that it
takes in the whole lost world.
He must be active enough to save souls.
He must be big enough to be gentle
and great enough to be thoughtful.
His arms must be strong enough
to carry a little child.

Dear Lord Jesus, it's so amazing that You can see my future husband now. You know him. You love him. Lord, since you know the man You have designed for me, I pray that any other relationship will be unappealing to him. I pray that if he is giving a part of his heart, him emotions, or his body, You will show him Your better way.
Most of all I pray he'll be a God lover. Not only do I ask that You distract and keep him from other, harmful relationships but also that You draw him closer to You. May his heart be so full of You that he doesn't need anything except You...until the time You appoint to bring me into his life.
And for every day of his life, hold him in the palm of Your hand. Amen.

Lord, I pray for a man what will be a part of my life. A man that really loves You more than everything. A man that lives not for himself, but for You. He must know for whom and what he lives, so his life isn't useless. Someone who has a wise heart, not only a smart brain. A man that not only adores me, but can warn me when I'm wrong. A man that can be my best friend. A man that makes me feel like a woman when I'm beside him. I don't ask for a perfect man, but I ask for an imperfect man. A man that needs my support, my love, my prayers for his life. Give me Your hands so I'll always be able to pray for him. Give me Your eyes so I can see good things in him. Give me Your mouth that is filled with wisdom so that I can support him.

I personally love all of these that I found. Pray often for him, you might not know him now but he will come.


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