Just Wanted To Share This With You Guys.

I found this poem on Pinterest and I like it so much I thought I would share it.

Don't cry because he told you,
That his love has slipped away,
Because I once knew a boy,
Who watched the sun rise every day,
One morning I sat with him,
Wrapped entirely in my awe,
But he said he'd viewed so many,
Six a.m. was all he saw,
And you're a brilliant sunrise,
With your darkness-breaking light,
But I know he's forgotten,
Life without you is just night,
He cannot see your beauty,
Since he's taken it for granted,
But that doesn't mean it's failed,
To leave the rest of us enchanted,
You deserve the love of someone,
Who'll watch you rise over again,
And may they never come to see you,
As another six a.m.



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