All Saints Day

Hey guys!

Sorry I haven't posted anything for a while. I've been a bit busy(aka homework, joy)

Anyway I had some free time on my hands and decided to make a post.

November 1st was All Saints Day. It is a holy day of obligation. A holy day of obligation means you are required to go to church that day. It's like a Sunday during the week.

Our church had its All Saints Day party on November 6th. All of the kids in the parish dress up as a saint and our priest and the adults have to guess who they are.

Basically, all the kids in our parish look through saint books and try to find the most obscure saints no one has ever heard of. It worked too. Our priest had the hardest time trying to guess. It was really funny!

Me, I didn't dress up. I stopped dressing up when I turned 13. It just wasn't as fun as it used to be.

After the guessing is finished, the teenagers in our parish set up games for all the kids to come back and play. I was in charge of the St. Peter's Fishing Hole. Yes, it was as fun as it sounds. It was a blue curtain hung between two doors. The kids tossed rods with clothespins on the end of them over the curtain and the people behind the curtain clipped candy on them.

Kat and I were behind the curtain for most of the time. It was really fun. The kids would come up and say, "Is there anyone behind the curtain?" We sat there and giggled into our sleeves, trying not to laugh too hard. The kids eventually figured out we were back there and kept requesting certain candies that we didn't even have!

All of us were exhausted once the party was over. Giving candy to little kids is just soo tiring!

We had fun though.

Til next time!


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