Pros and Cons of Cutting Your Hair

 I love my pony tail. But I'm cutting my hair because I've been wearing that pony tail so long, I think it will become self aware pretty soon. (And then it can love me back and we'll be best friends. "Sorry boys. Me and my bestie here are going to town for coffee." *hair flip*)
Honestly, I haven't  had my hair shorter then shoulder length since I was three. So while I love my long fluffy pony tail, I want to try different things.
So to deal with this big step, I decided to make a blog post about it!

Obviously, that was written BEFORE my lovely locks were chopped off. It went ok. My hair went from mid-shoulder length hair that I always wore in a pony tail to....this. It looks kind of like Rapunzel, after her hair cut. Not quite that short and its kind of....fluffy. Oops. I forgot how big my hair was. Anyway, ON WITH THE POST! (Because you really don't want to hear me whine about my hair.)

The more hair you've got, the more time you have to spend brushing it, drying it, washing it, etc. If you have REALLY long hair, it can take HOURS to dry. What should you do with this extra time? This new found freedom? Read a book? WRITE a book? Learn something utterly useless and pointless like how to sing that one lullaby from Gaelic. (WHY?)

That mini heart attack you get when you go to run your fingers through your hair's not there. Or when you go to look in the mirror. Who is that person? Where did my hair go!?!  Oh, wait. That's right. I had it cut a couple days ago.
It seems like no matter how much you cut off, you miss it. You can even tell if you cut off an inch or two.

Your shampoo and conditioner lasts longer. (Unless you have sisters. Then it will still disappears quickly)

MY HAIR. MY BEAUTIFUL HAIR. I JUST LEFT IT LYING THERE ON THE SALON FLOOR. *Sobbing* (Yes, I'm a little attached. But maybe that is a good reason to cut it...)

Pro: I felt REALLY smug though when ever somebody came by and was just like "Whoa! That's a lot of hair!"

Con: You actually have to do something with it EVERY DAY (or at least everyday you leave the house, which for me, isn't all that often). You can't just throw it in a pony tail and go. And you have to do new things with your hair. (Because I'm lazy, I will probably end wearing a bandanna around my head like a biker all summer long...)

Pro: It's fun to get your hair cut in a salon.

Con: Sometime, it doesn't turn out like you expected....

Pro: It's an adventure!


Comment below and tell me about your own hair experiences? What is the longest and shortest you have ever went? Go to style? Rando hair problems?


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