Awkward And Awesome: Skirts

  • The weird looks you get
  • Good skirts are hard to come by
  • That one skirt you loved and wore everywhere just died,...because, wore it everywhere
  • Wanting to be comfortable yet modest, so you pair your knee length skirt with your fandom T shirt and you just look like "Lazy Fangirl" on the top and "Classy Lady" on bottom. (Lets here it for the Classy Lazy Fangirl Ladies!)
  • When it's windy and your skirt decides to do an impression of Marilyn Monroe.


  • You're being modest and pleasing God
  • You look awesome!
  • Skirts are awesome! They are literally the best for ANY weather! Hot during the summer? Wear short shorts under your skirt and Viola! Nice and cool. Cold during the winter? I know everyone says pants are warmer then skirts....but guess what! LIES! A skirt with pants under it is the warmest. thing. EVER!
  • Cold in the morning and don't want to change out of your nice warm pajama pants? Wear a long skirt and tuck them into your fashion boots. (FASHION BOOTS) 
  • When you find that magical skirt with:  POCKETS!!!!
  • Just wait. Eventually you'll go to a formal event....and them *evil laugh* you'll be able to walk, jog up stairs, dance, climb a tree, slay a dragon, etc. And everybody else? All those jean wearing girls are going to trip on their face walking on flat ground *Another evil laugh*
  • You can hide stuff under your skirt. Like a kitten (#LauraIngalls) 
-Lia and Kat 


  1. Haha! Yes! Kittens under skirts are the best.


  2. Another awkward: "Why do you wear skirts all the time???"

    Oh absolutely. My roommates still find it hard to believe that I wear skirts all the time (and not be a total disaster). And yes, long skirts are wonderful in any weather (just be careful about wearing jeans under them in the summer *gasp gasp, so hot!* ) and yes, it is really really magical finding those ones with pockets!