North and South

Last week my mom and I watched BBC's North and South for the first time. I can honestly say it was the best decision I have ever made in my life. It was so good! I decided to write a review to express how much I loved it.

WARNING: if you have never seen North and South leave now to avoid spoilers!

But if you decide to continue reading anyway, enjoy the spoilers I know you will read.

North and South is an amazing period drama set in 1800's England (who doesn't love a good British
drama??) I fell in love with the costumes, the scenery, and the actors who brought the characters to life.

I have never read the book so this is a review on just the mini-series. You can be sure I will buy the book as soon as possible.

Daniela Denby-Ashe did a wonderful job of bringing Margaret Hale to life. Just through her facial expressions you can tell exactly what Margaret is feeling. To me that is the mark of a truly great actress.

Richard Armitage, well where to I begin with him? He did a superb job of playing John Thornton.(Right now I am watching BBC Robin Hood and he is in that. He plays Guy of Gisbourne. I am used to hating him so this was a big change. I just finished the first season. No spoilers please)

Anyway John Thornton reminded me a lot of Mr. Darcy. Same characteristics, same rich background, same grumpy expression!

I love all of the minor characters too. They bring so much life and spirit to the plot. Mr. and Mrs. Hale were just wonderful characters. I really loved Bessy and Mr. Higgins. Bessy was amazing and I was very upset when she died. Frederick Hale was a good brother and a good son and I was excited when he came into the story.

Mr. Bell is like the nice old man who lives next door who always has candy for you. He made me laugh so much every scene he was in.

Mrs. Thornton, on the other hand, was a complicated character. She is very protective of her son and I respect that, but it seems she was just too involved with his life. I honestly wasn't sure what to think of her for most of the series but I think she's a great addition to the story.

I loved the story and everything that happened in it. I will definitely will reviewing more period dramas in the future. Stay tuned!

Any other dramas anyone can think of please tell me in the comments.

And thank you for sitting and reading this really, really long post.


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