Patron Saints

Everyday on the calendar has a saint. It is that saint's feast day!
A lot of people complain ( especially during lent) as to how much Catholics HAVE to fast.
That's just because they are ONLY doing what they have to.
Do they celebrate the feast days of their favorite saints? Do they celebrate their baptismal anniversaries (Commonly referred to as "Name days") with parties as big as their birthdays?

Everyone has patron saints. The saints your named after perhaps? Or maybe the patron saint of your occupation or hobby? Or just a saint you like.

Here are some common patron saints:
  •  Saint Adrian the Patron of soldiers
  • Saint Anne the Patron of Grandmothers, Mothers, Women in labor 
  •  Saint Isidore the Patron of Ranchers and farmers 
  •  Saint Joseph, patron of workers, fathers, 
  • Saint Cecilia, patron of musicians and music
  • Saint Christopher, patron of travelers  (also, Archangel Raphael) 
  • Saint Gabriel of the Sorrowful Mother, patron saint of guns, handguns, and gun owners
    There are a billion more! But I've drawn a blank...
Anyway, here are some websites to look for other saints. Please do not trust places like Wikipedia for your catholic information. Treat it like you would any other research. It might be a good starting place, but just because it's on the internet, doesn't mean it's true

I don't think any of these websites have the saint's feast days...
You'll have to find them yourself!

Keep Celebrating!


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