Awkward and Awesome: Assorted Stuff


  • When you see a cute skirt and then hold it up to show your Mom. Oh never mind. You can see right through it. 
  • When your reading a great book and you get to one of those parts where you just have to put the book down and give your brain time to register what just happened. Then you glance at your alarm clock and see it's 2 am and you notice that your eyeballs are being to burn. (But there is only five chapters left so you finish it.) 
  • When your walking through the parking lot with your Mom and see a giant pick up truck. You can't help, but stare a little. (What? I happen to like pickup trucks)  Then you notice the person inside (read: guy) staring back at you with an amused smile. Oops.
  • That one day you don't shower, just throw in whatever and run to the store to buy ice cream...well, apparently your lazy days are "ALL CUTE BOYS GO GROCERY SHOPPING DAY"


  • Taking my permit test as the end of this month
  • New York Style Cheesecake
  • Actually doing stuff on your bucket list
  • High Heels. The awesome sound of the clicking heels. Such a power walk. I could be going to buy bread or kill somebody. You never know (Best sound ever)
  • Period Drama. and Besties
  • A new book *looks to see if anyone is watching* *Smells book*
  • Hoop Skirts. Completely impractical for day to day life but they're so fun to wear. *swish.*swish*
  • Horseback riding
  • Finishing an awesome book...... but the book made me cry!
  • My sister made bread pudding for dinner and she was telling us all the ingredients she used to make it. She said she put eggs in it. My brother spits his drink everywhere, shocked and says, "You put raw eggs in this!!!!!!!!" Clearly I need to have a talk with my brother how the oven works.....
  •  Brownie Mix (Maybe I shouldn't have put this right under Lia's story...) 


  1. Hahaha. This was great fun. Love these kinds of posts. :) I love the clicking of high heels, too. And hoopskirts!! When I was a kid we used to have some that we played dress-up in. They were so much fun! :D

    The "ALL CUTE BOYS GO GROCERY SHOPPING DAY" made me laugh. You girls are so funny. :)

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