Growing Up: Awkward and Awesome

I Don't Want To Grow Up!

"I want to stay single and ride through the glen firing arrows into the sunset"  (Disney) 

Or as Lia would say "Take me to Neverland!" (also Disney. Duh) 
(She has a HUGE crush on the Peter Pan from OUAT, BTW) 

Why do we have to grow up?

So here are some Awkward and Awesome parts of growing up


  • People talk to you in the grocery store and you automatically look over your shoulder for Mum. Also most of the time it's dudes. 
  • I'm sorry, I know a lot of girls are dreaming of the day when random guys will ask them for their number or just strike up a conversation....but it is really annoying. 
  • When you and your brother go out to Chipotle, people think you are a couple. 
  • When you go out to eat and people think you are ordering a alcoholic drink and you just have to look at them and say, "I'll have tea."  (Ok. This only happened once) 
  • You take a quiz on "How Responsible Are You" and it's like "95%! We guess your age to be about 35. (What?! So much for the rebellious teenager thing) 
  • But your still not old enough to go skydiving. *SIGH* 
  • People ask what your majoring in. I'm in High School!
  • Guy in his late twenties asked for my number at Subway. Had to explain I was underage.
  • Waiter offered me a free margarita at a Mexican restaurant
  • When someone asks you for your phone number or talks to you and you go to say "Hello?! I'm 15!" But then you realize your not 15 anymore....
  • Guys just keep asking us for our numbers!!!!!!


  • Driver's Permits/Licenses
  • More Freedom
  • You can actually start planning your life, applying for college, etc
  • You can start checking stuff off your bucket list. (Except the skydiving...) 
  • First Cell Phone! (Except I lost it....whoops) 
  • You can buy your own books *Mwuhahahaha*
  • You can also buy your own coffees....
  • The fact that Lia pretended she was deaf to escape talking to some random dude at the Post Office. (I can't believe I actually did that...)
  • Makeup 
  • Shopping with your mother and actually getting to pick your own clothes
  • People start valuing your opinion as an adult (kind of scary but still awesome)

Well that's all for this.
We had a lot of fun. Enjoy!
-Lia, Kat


  1. I once had to explain to a HOTTT waiter that I was only 20 when he offered me wine! Awkward!

  2. Haha. This was most enjoyable to read. You girls are FUNNY! :)

    "Guys just keep asking us for our numbers!!!!!!" Hahaha. I'm afraid I can't sympathize with you on that one. No guy has ever asked me for my phone number. :P

    "But then you realize your not 15 anymore...." *chuckle* Really, though. Where does the time go?

    Fun post, girls!! :D

    ~Miss March

  3. Thanks Miss March!! We had a lot of fun writing it. Yeah, we both have had several instances where we're asked for our numbers. Talk about awkward......

    Thanks for reading!